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Ask And It Is Given – Do You Truly Understand What That Means?

Ask and It is GivenWe all have heard this phrase so many times: “Ask and it is given”.  We also often hear that everything is given to us before we even asked.

A lot of resources speak about the fact that time is nonexistent and that everything happens Here and Now. They also say that this Universe is multidimensional and everything is possible, because everything happened already.

It all sounds great but I think a lot of people struggle to understand this concept.  And since we don’t understand it, it is hard for us to actually live with that perspective in mind. That would mean having no fears, no doubts, no worries any more…everything was given to you already. Everything you ever wanted is already here…what to fear, right?  Seems easy, but so hard to actually follow through.

Well, today I heard the best explanation of the same thing and I wanted to share it with you, because if you truly understand the concept of everything being here already, you will be completely happy and have no fears anymore. Wouldn’t that be great?

I was invited to watch a documentary movie at my new friend’s house. The documentary was featuring Ram Tzu (aka Wayne Liquorman), one of the enlightened gurus. And one of the things he said during the documentary was: “Imagine that your whole life is a painting. But this painting is 500 miles long. If you step far enough you will be able to see the whole painting at once, but most of us stand very close to the painting so we are able to see only one piece of the painting at a time.  That means we are able to experience only one piece of the painting at a time. Then we move to the next piece, then to the next…”

Don’t you think this is the best explanation of “ask and it is given”?

The painting is already here, you can experience any piece you want or you can experience all of it at once. Most of us never step back and look at the painting from the point where we see all of it.  This is the path of the enlightened; they become observers of life.

Most of us though look at the painting standing up close to it and we see a piece of it through the prism of our emotions, thoughts , feelings, words and actions. We allow all of those things to determine what piece of the painting we’ll see and experience next.  

When you have what they call “low” thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions, you’ll see, and as a result, experience the piece of the painting that corresponds those low vibrations . When you have high vibrations you get closer to the piece of the painting that corresponds those high vibrations and that is what you get to experience.

Want to experience something that will bring you joy?  Vibrationally align yourself with joy, focus on it with your thoughts, feelings, words and actions and that is what you will see and experience.

That is your Law of Attraction. The painting is here already. But you will see and experience only the part of it that you are vibrationally aligned with.

But the fact is that this whole painting is here. Anything is possible. It was already given to you before you even asked.

This whole painting is you. That is your Universe.

The experience of the enlightened.

The enlightened person though is able to step further away from the painting and see the whole picture. The enlightened person is able to misidentify from the feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc. He accepts the whole painting. And he loves it all “as is”.

He opens himself up to life whatever the piece he experiences next is. He stops judging– good or bad.  All of those pieces are equal to him. They are all part of the painting and he accepts the whole thing.

He stops chasing the desire to see only the nice parts of the painting. He stops fearing bad parts. He accepts them all.

 The Enlightened manage to get rid of their Ego and the separation our Ego makes us to believe in.

Our Ego makes us separate from the whole picture. Our Ego makes us believe that we are just a piece that we get to experience at any given moment. 

It also makes us identify ourselves with our feelings. The reason we want to experience nice pieces of the painting is because they make us feel good. And since our Ego says that we are our feelings then of course we want to experience the pieces that make us feel good.

The Enlightened on the other hand misidentify from their feelings and thoughts. Good ones, bad ones, they are all equal. They are all part of the whole picture. They accept and love them all.

 As I see it there are three stages of consciousness:

1st stage and the lowest stage of consciousness is when people live completely on autopilot and in the trap of their Egos. They stand really close to the painting and experience what their vibrations dictate them to experience. They resist ‘bad’ pieces, but they don’t realize that they are the ones who choose to see and experience those ‘bad’ pieces.

They don’t realize that they can control the process. Life happens to them and most of the time they feel like victims.

2nd stage of consciousness are people who know about the Law of Attraction or the power of their mind. They know that they can choose what to experience next. They know that all they have to do is to vibrationally align themselves with what they desire to experience and it will be given to them.

They still identify with their Egos, but they know that they are in control and they choose or try to choose the best experiences possible. They identify with their feelings and as a result they identify with particular pieces of the painting they get to experience. They don’t love the whole painting, they want only those parts of the painting that make them feel good.

3rd stage of consciousness are the enlightened. They are observers. They are able to step away from the painting and see the whole picture. They give up the need to control, but unlike those in the first stage, they do it consciously. They don’t resist anything.

They accept the whole painting and they love the whole painting. They don’t judge–good or bad. They don’t feel the need to change anything. They don’t care which piece they will experience next, all the pieces are equal to them, all the pieces are part of the great experience called Life and they treasure that experience.

 Where are you at in those 3 stages of consciousness?

I am at the second stage most of the time. Well, let’s admit sometimes I even slip into the first stage. It happens when I get into the victim mode and start complaining that something in life happens to me unfairly. Luckily that doesn’t happen that often anymore.

Sometimes I slip into the third stage. This is an incredible feeling. I become calm and accepting. All my fears and worries dissapear. I love everyone and everything around me. I am fully present.  But I am really far away from completely getting rid of my Ego.

I think most readers of this blog fall into the second stage and there is nothing wrong with that.  Yes, we still let our Egos rule our lives. We identify ourselves with what we feel and think. We like only separate pieces of the painting and we prefer only those pieces that make us feel good.

That is why we want to learn as much as possible about the Law of Attraction, subconscious mind power etc. That allows us to attract the experiences that make us feel good.

There is nothing wrong with being in the second stage. It is definitely better than being stuck in the victim mode of the first stage. 

Well, “better, worse”, this is all my Ego again judging and putting labels. Everything is just “is” in reality. It is all one. One painting.  One Universe. One piece. That one piece is You. That one piece is Life.

 I understand the concept, but  I guess I am still stuck with my Ego for awhile.

I am glad I am in the second stage. Not sure I will ever transition completely to the third stage in this lifetime , but who knows…

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If you are enlightened though, you definitely don’t need it, but I guess you know it yourself:)

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