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Attract Abundance Into Your Life


Many people are trying to use the Law of Attraction to attract abundance and prosperity into their lives. They keep visualizing and don’t understand why they don’t get rich.

Here are some tips you can use to speed up the process:

Trick your mind.

You need to make your mind believe that your riches are on the way to you; that you have them already.

How do you feel when you are getting a new bill? Or buying something at the store? Do you truly feel happy when you have to pay for something? If you don’t, it sends the signal to the Universe that you are not truly aligned with your desires yet. That you don’t believe that you are rich and wealthy.

Remember— in order to get rich you need you need to start feeling rich now.

You can use this trick. Next time you have to pay for something, say to yourself-“10 times the amount I pay is now coming back to me.” Imagine it and feel grateful. That is all you need to convince the Universe that you are aligned, that you actually believe that you are rich. You riches will be here very soon after that.

Feel grateful for what you have now.

Always feel grateful for what you have already. When you look at your house, do you think you wish you had a better one?  Or your car or anything else?

Next time you do, think of how many people in this world don’t even have a place to live or a car to drive. Feel grateful for all of the abundance in your life. The Universe will bring more of it to you soon.

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