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Your Brand. You-nique. Discovered. Delivered.

My branding packages include everything you might need to establish the online presence for you and your brand and are a logical, practical application of my brainstorming sessions where we get clear on your brand and your brand strategy.

Note: All packages can be customized according to your individual needs.

I’ve mentioned this many times already, but let me repeat – your brand does not start with a logo or website as many people think.  It starts with a clear message you wish to communicate.

Do you know your message? It is incredibly important to have the right message that truly resonates with what you want to do in the world and clearly communicates your unique value to your customers. Once you know your unique value and your brand message, it’s time to deliver it.


It’s time to create an online presence consistent with your message. Your online presence starts with your main site or your central hub. I highly recommend using a WordPress blog as it is extremely user- friendly and you can update it without having any technical skills.

Daring Clarity runs on WordPress and many small businesses are switching to WordPress as opposed to having a static site.  Google loves WordPress sites which means you’ll get more search engine traffic and it is much easier to build a following of loyal fans and customers with a WordPress blog as your main hub.

My packages come with a two hour training to get you up to speed with using your WordPress site in no time.

So what do my packages include?

Essential Package:

  • Clarification of your brand message and help with choosing the domain name (url) and tagline if needed
  • WordPress installation on your domain on a webhosting account. I recommend hostgator hosting services which will cost you $4.99/month
  • Linking of your domain with your hosting account
  • Installation and configuration of the Thesis theme for WordPress. Thesis is a premium theme that has a great deal of user-defined functionality and is easy for you to maintain. I highly recommend everyone use Thesis and it comes free with my essential package.
  • Basic customization of the Thesis theme which includes choosing the color scheme to reflect your brand, installation of header and/or logo from your existing artwork. (This package doesn’t include advanced customization. See my packages below for that.)
  • Feedburner RSS service account setup and link to your site so people can sign up for your updates
  • Keyword research and site optimization according to the keywords relevant to your industry
  • Add the Home, About, Contact and up to 5 additional pages that you might need (you’ll need to provide content for the pages)
  • Upload and configure 7 essential plugins that every website needs
  • Sidebar widgets and links to your social media accounts.
  • Installation of Google analytics on your site to track traffic
  • Two hour training on how to use your site, how to write optimized posts and pages, how to use social media to promote your site.

Cost :

Starts at $1000.  This package can be customized to fit your personal needs  Write me at lana {at} daringclarity {dot} com to schedule your free initial consultation.

Additional services:

  • Customized logo and header development .
  • Advanced site branding and customization
  • Personal photography for the About page or team members photography
  • Social Media Support (Facebook fan page design, Twitter page design,  blog , social media training and promotional strategy creation)
  • Aweber email service set up and add an email subscription form to your website so you can start capturing leads
  • Video greeting posted on your Home page or your About page – includes video creation and editing
  • Advanced social media training depending on your needs and level of involvement
  • Any additional training and supervision is determined on an individual or group basis.

All of the services including the ones in the essential package can be customized according to your individual needs.

Contact me today if you are unsure what package is right for you and we’ll setup a free 20 minute consultation to determine what would be the right fit for your business needs.

Also check out my brainstorming sessions for in-depth brand message clarification and self-discovery, ideal customer avatar creation, step-by-step marketing strategy and much more, all intertwined with kick-ass spirituality, highly intuitive approach and tons of practical personal growth and development techniques.

How to get started:

Send me an email at lana {at} daringclarity {dot} com and we’ll set up a free 20 minute consultation where I’ll ask you questions about your business, look at what you’ve got already and answer any questions you might have.

After that if we both feel we want to proceed, we’ll determine exactly what branding package is a good fit for you and your business and get to work.

How long does it take?

Depending on what exactly needs to be done it might take anywhere from 3 days to four weeks.

Customized logo creation and website design usually take longer than if you just need a basic website customization.

I highly recommend at least getting your central hub, i.e. WordPress blog, up and running and then go from there.

I look forward to working with you!

Write me today at lana {at} daringclarity {dot} com and we’ll take the brand of you out to the World.

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