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Celebrating Love

This is day 7 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading

How do you celebrate Love today?

We crafted yesterday.

Nicholas made a card and a picture frame for Keith.

The evening got a little stressful as we had things to do and then it got late but Nicholas really wanted to go to the store to get me flowers and a card himself so he could give it to me first thing in the morning.  He would not agree to do it today. Because you need to give gifts first thing in the morning. And he is right. That’s the right way to do it. He gets it from his mommy.

So today in the morning despite the fact that we woke up late and had to get ready for school/work, we celebrated.

We slowed down for 20 minutes and focused on what truly matters. Our love. Our family. Our traditions.

We read cards.

And hugged. And opened little gifts we prepared for each other.

And listened to the singing cards.

Because we love singing cards around here.

And chewed on the cards.

Because that’s how we show that we like them.

And played with gift bags.

Nicholas took down his last countdown bag with a surprise in it. And then we had a special breakfast with pancakes and strawberries and honey. And then we rushed out the door as we were really late for school.

It was special. We will have more special things later on today. We will go to the bookstore. Just me and my babies. We’ll order tea at Starbucks because my boy loves tea. Just like mommy. We’ll read books. And baby we’ll sleep in her stroller. Then we’ll come home and bake the cake. In the shape of a heart, of course. And wait for daddy to get home so we can celebrate some more. We might even have a movie night which we usually do on Fridays only. But today is special, so we can make an exception.

Today I love…

My babies and their love and how openly they share it.

My husband and his love for us.

Red roses and bright red everything.

My life and how much it has changed in the past couple years.

I will sit down in the evening and think of many more things I love. Because I want to give every little piece of love in my life the attention it deserves. I want to celebrate it. I want to fully feel how rich and lucky and loved I am.

You do the same too. Because I know you are loved. You truly are.


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Marina February 14, 2012 at 8:58 pm



Marina at My Busy Children February 15, 2012 at 1:29 pm

your daughter is so adorable in that little pink suit!

This is how we celebrated – http://mybusychildren.com/little-angels-by-realromadowney-valentines-party-for-kids/


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