Finally Live! Your Day. Your Way. Multimedia Clarity Manifesto.To get you fully clear. Fully committed. Give you Meaning. Put you on the way to Freedom.

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There are two things all of us crave – Freedom and Meaning.

Freedom is everything. Meaning is what makes Freedom worth having.

That’s what my Clarity Manifesto is all about.

What about Love you ask? Love is everything too, but you are on your own there, darling!

I don’t claim to give you Freedom. But my Clarity Manifesto will put you on your way to it and give your life Meaning.


By getting you clear on your life purpose, your authentic vision, your Essense, your passions, your strengths and weaknesses, your core.

When you are living your purpose everything transforms. You enter the flow. And that flow takes you where you need to go without you having to *push* too hard. You know what I am talking about. Pushing. Hard work. Struggle. Aghhh. No, thanks!

Your Mind. What Does It Want?

Then there is your mind. It has, uh…you know… patterns. It’s been conditioned to a certain way of thinking, acting, and feeling.

It likes “safe”. Safe is the keyword. Not happy. Not free. Not meaningful. But safe.

And it goes out of its way to keep you safe. To keep you in your comfort zone.

Your soul, the essence of you is screaming for Meaning. It wants to be Free. It wants to accomplish what it came here to accomplish.

But the mind says: “Oh, no, dear, let’s reconsider. That’s too risky, uncomfortable, unrealistic, hard, easy, expensive, cheap”…insert your own word.  Let’s stay where it is safe. Let’s stay where we are.

And it makes you stay there.

How does it do it?

Ever experienced fear that paralyzes your actions? Ever procrastinated with something that you really wanted to do? Ever allowed worry to make you not make that phone call that could change your life? That’s your mind. The lizard brain. Sabotaging you. Keeping you safe.

How do you stop it?

The key is to align what your soul, your Essential Self wants with what your mind wants.

What does Clarity have to do with it?

Everything. Clarity is the answer. True Clarity that is.

It starts from You. Your Authentic Self. Your Purpose that your soul came here with. Your passions. Your most sacred and deepest desires that you often don’t even allow yourself to admit. Your strengths and natural talents. Your core feeling that will transform everything around you and help you navigate your way to success.

And then it all comes down to your Ideal Day. The Day that you will have when your life is fully aligned with Meaning and Freedom.

Get clear on every little detail of that day and it will come.  It can’t not come.

This degree of Clarity will make your soul sing and get your mind incredibly focused.

When your mind is focused and knows what you are after, it starts noticing opportunities. It starts sending you ideas.

Then you have to take action.

That’s where your mind might sabotage you if action is too out of your comfort zone. Remember, it wants you to stay safe.

So you have to stretch the comfort zone. You have to convince your silly lizard brain that this is the way to go. That it’s OK. That change is really the way of life and an opportunity to grow.


Oh, darling, there are tons of ways to do it. I bet you know most of them already.

I’ll give you The Way, of course. Well, at least what I consider The Way.

You’ve heard about visualization. Of course you did. It works.

And that’s exactly what it does for you – it convinces your mind. Your mind doesn’t understand the difference between what’s real and what’s imagination.

Play your Ideal day immersing yourself in your core feeling often  in your mind and it will figure out a way to align your reality with it.

Because it will believe you.

That’s what my Clarity Manifesto is all about.

  • Find Essence and Purpose
  • Get truly clear
  • Convince your mind
  • Get in the flow

Freedom will be on its way.  Meaning will be here.

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Remember, Freedom and Meaning, darling.

It’s worth it.

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