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Clarity on what I want and past week’s favorite moments

This is day 27 of my 30-day writing challenge. And to celebrate I missed a day of posting on this blog yesterday. I did write though, I just didn’t get a chance to post, so I am going to forgive myself. This is my weekly clarity on what I want post. 

I reflect every week on my wants. Little everyday kind of wants. Because when you get clear on little stuff, big stuff gets clearer as well. I also share some of the moments I enjoyed with my family. Because it makes this blog more personal and helps me to remember those everyday little moments.

What I want:

– I want to get more sleep. Everything else can wait.

– I want to set priorities. Daily. I want to ask myself – “What’s important today?” – every day.

– I want to consistently start writing down 3 things I want to accomplish. I want to do that before sit down at my desk and I turn on my computer. Otherwise pintrest or email will suck me in.

– I want to question. Everything. Literally everything. I want to make it my next challenge. I will ask myself question why and see what I hear in response. Why do you believe your child needs to go to school? Why do you want to start meditating? Why do you think you need a new notebook before you can start writing? Because why stops autopilot and opens the door to clarity/

– I want to review my yearly goals, since March is here and I am doing it every month. I have some adjustments to make.

– I want to start writing down my random thoughts and feelings in a journal. Actually start a separate journal of random thoughts and feelings. I wonder why I want that.

– I want this art wall in the house.

Some of our little moments from the last week:

We made the Love Robot. Because our recent motto is to recycle and use what we have on hand for our projects. It turned out to be Love robot accidentally because we happened to have some hearts left from Valentine’s day. Nicholas loves everything that has the word Love in it. He loves singing the Love is all you need song.

Nicholas asked to write a story one evening. On the computer. He opened Word and typed this whole thing mostly by himself. It is his interpretation of Mary Had a Little Lamb song.

Just a day before he did it I was thinking that I needed to create more opportunities for him to tell/write stories. Because he loves stories and I want to start paying close attention to what he loves and help him develop it further. He read my thoughts. He always does.

Dominoes. Keith and Nicholas have been building and knocking them down every evening for the past couple weeks. We love dominoes here. I love my boys playing together. They always come up with cool stuff to play.

Baby kisses. The sweetest thing in the world. She loves kissing mommy lately.

We have a crawler here! I don’t know how this happened. Where did almost 7 months go? She’s been crawling backwards for a month now and couple days ago she finally mastered the forward crawl. To give her more space we took the coffee table and side tables out to the garage from the living room. The room looks so open now. Good Feng Shui, I am sure. I am into clearing spaces lately. Who needs coffee tables anyway?

We had a beautiful weather last week. And celebrated the first day of spring on March 1st. Because spring starts on March 1st in Russia. Nicholas says: “Americans think that spring doesn’t come until the middle of March. But we know.” And then I ask him – “Are you a Russian boy?” And he says – “I am half Russian, half American.” We played outside a lot. This is called a pulling game.

Nicholas took out his water gun and wanted to go to the pool. He kept saying: “ They should open the pool on the first day of spring.”

We have a leprechaun trap in the house! We are still working on it. We talked about Saint Patrick’s day. And I told Nicholas this story about leprechaun that comes to the house.  You should have seen his eyes.Oh, how I am going to miss it when he doesn’t believe in leprechauns and Santas and elfs anymore! How much more time do I have to enjoy this? He is 5 now. 2 years? 3? I am so going to use every opportunity to drink his enthusiasm and his belief in miracles. You can find the instructions on how to build traps here too.We are using golden painted rocks and lollipops to lure the leprechaun in.

And this is another little project we did with Nicholas. Some  of you mamas out there might find it useful. A cooling pad. A great way to use all those rocks that your child brings home as his “treasures” from the nature walks. You need felt with a sticky side or you could just use hot glue to attach those rocks to the felt. It actually looks really nice. And Nicholas was proud of himself for doing it.

Daddy loves his baby. And I love watching him loving her.

We had many more little precious things going on here. But I don’t want to bore you. What are your little moments you enjoyed last week? And what moments are you going to create this week?

Today is my mom’s birthday. I love her and I so want her to be happy. Happy Birthday, mama!

And Happy Monday to you all!



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Alexander March 6, 2012 at 11:41 pm

What are your little moments you enjoyed last week?

A little habit that I’m creating for me and my daughter: the last thing I do when i bring she to bed and before I give her the good night kiss, is to ask her which has been her most beautifull moments of the day and then to say thank you for that moments.
Today has been the first day that, as soon as I switched of the lights, she started telling my her magic moments before I asked her.
This habit will help her to focus on positive thoughts, raise her consciousness about how many beautifull moments she has every day and learn gratitude.

Lana I love your posts, they inspire me. Please keep them coming also after the 30 days challange.

Thanks & ciao


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