Clarity Sessions

Hi there! Thank you for your interest.

You know clarity is a process.

And brain fog is normal from time to time. So don’t feel too bad if you are in a “foggy” state.

You know that you can’t get “there” (to you dream life) without doing what needs to be done here. And without learning to appreciate the journey…

Of course, there will be a journey. Most likely you won’t jump from here to there overnight…

But it sure will happen faster if you…

Give up perfectionism. Give up procrastination. Give up your fears. To be ridiculed. To be rejected. Yes, it might happen. But most likely it won’t be nearly as bad as your mind had imagined.

You know that at the end of your life your fears won’t matter. And you’ll regret  the things that you didn’t do more than the ones you did. (what was the name of the smart guy who said that?)

You know that it is time.

To get serious. Like really serious. About your dreams.

And stop finding excuses. Yes, you have limitations. And circumstances are far from ideal. But you know that there are many others just like you who’ve done it in spite of their fears and limitations. You know you can do it too.

You know.

You probably feel pressure.

To figure out what it is you have to offer. To the world. What your unique gift is. Your value.

You feel pressure to start taking action. But something is stopping you. From full commitment. From actually doing it and keeping at it.

I don’t have the secret.

You know that there are no secrets. And I can’t give you all the answers. Remember, clarity is a process.

But I can get you started.

    Here is how:

    * I will help you get clearer on your Vision and your unique message. Your Thing. Your gift. Whatever you want to call it. And outline in great detail your value.  The problem you will solve. The solution you will provide.

    I am good at asking the right questions. And listening. I am good at finding the keywords. Your keywords. I am good at taglines. And putting it    all  together.

    * We will figure out who your ideal client is. The one who needs your message. The one who is waiting for you already. Once you know who she is, everything gets clearer. Much clearer, trust me. We will spend time on it. It’s that important. You’ll understand why once we do it.

    * We will come up with a 12-month plan of action. We’ll set goals. Measurable. We’ll set deadlines. Flexible but clear. We will prioritize and strategize.

        We might also talk about websites. Come up with new product ideas. Or maybe just make the existing ideas bigger. Clearer. More daring. Or maybe let some ideas go. It’s an open format brainstorming session after we cover all the basics.

        What is the goal?

        The goal is for you to start taking consistent action toward your dreams. You know that consistent action is what it is all about.  We all know.

        Pricing and Logistics:

        * The clarity session runs for about 90 minutes. I conduct my sessions via Skype. The phone works too if that’s what you prefer.

        * I will send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out in advance of our session and an audio recording of the session after it.

        * Sessions are $150 paid upon your booking. You can use paypal or credit card. The receipt will be emailed to you right away.

        * If 20 minutes into the session either you or I feel we are not the right fit for each other, I’ll refund your money.

        How to get started:

        * Send me an email at lana {at} daringclarity {dot} com with a few lines about you. Tell me about your dreams and where you want to go. Include your website if available. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours and, if I believe I can add value, we’ll schedule the session.

        * I’ll send you the Clarity Questionnaire to get us started. Please send it back to me with your answers at least 24 hours before our session.

        * Then we’ll jam.

        * I’ll send you a recording of the session for you to listen to at your convenience.

        * That’s it. You are on your own now. Go make things happen.

        I know, this page was a little bit dramatic. But really, I would love to help you! If you feel we are a good match, please write me. If you don’t feel that kind of “I think we click” thing, please don’t waste both of our time. Trust your intuition.

        Thank you for reading.



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