Start Doing What Matters: From Overwhelm To Clarity and Flow Workshop

Life is too short to do something that is not aligned with who you are. Are you committed to doing what truly matters to you? Do you know what matters?   This practical hand on workshop is designed to help you get unstuck, get focused, gain clarity and enter the state of flow.

Life starts moving in the direction you want to go once you are in that state.

When: October 5

Time: 7.15 pm

Where: La Madeleine – Perimeter

1165 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta, GA 30346

Some of the exercises we’ll do:

Success metrics – Find out what truly matters to you and learn how to align your every day activities with that.  This  exercise revolutionized the way I look at my everyday activities.

Easy is the way – Life is supposed to be easy. Struggle is optional. When you tap into what comes naturally to you, what makes you feel alive, when you find your true strengths and align everything you do with them, you enter the state of flow.

Core feelings – knowing your core feelings can be revolutionary. We will go through the process of determining your true core feelings (sometimes they are not what you thought of at first) and I will show you how you can start experiencing your core feeling now.

Your feelings make you think and act in a certain way. When you act in alignment with you core feelings your life starts moving in the direction you want to go.

Stop doing list – Through a series of questions we’ll determine what’s not working or what causes struggle and get clear on how to stop doing it.

Get rid of mental clutter – all of those thoughts, things to do, guilt trips and more thoughts are holding you back and not letting you move in the direction you want to go. Let’s get rid of them.

Authentic goals – it’s not about dreaming big, it’s about dreaming authentically. Set clear goals that come from the core of who you are and map out a plan on how you are going to reach them. We’ll go through the process called SMART goals to help you strta taking consistent and decisive action on yoru goals.

Clarity and inspiration guaranteed.


$15. The amount of seats is limited, register now if you want to attend.

Date: October 5

Time: 7.15 pm – 10 pm

Where: La Madeleine-Perimeter

1165 Perimeter Center West

Atlanta, GA 30346

(We will be in the private room)

How to register:

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I experienced so many times in my own life that the world responds to clarity. I look forward to helping you gain it.

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