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On More and Less.

This is day 20 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading.

I used to think that I needed more.  Beautiful things for my home, nice clothes to wear, delicious meals to learn how to cook, bigger house, books to read and social media followers to share my blog articles with.

I used to think that my kids needed more. Toys, clothes, trips to new places, extra curriculum classes, friends to play with. I still often fall into that kind of thinking.

But I think I am finally getting it. I think I am really close to realizing that more is what often makes our lives cluttered. More is what distracts us from what truly matters. More is what takes our time, resources, emotional and often physical health away. More is often one of our worst enemies that we need to learn how to guard ourselves from.

Any new thing that you bring into your home requires some kind of maintenance. You either need to clean it or move it or discard of it or repair it. It might also make you feel guilty for spending the money. And does it make you feel good? Sure! But for how long? Couple hours? A day?

Yesterday, standing in the middle of the playroom that was filled with toys, I realized that I am not doing as much creative projects as I’d like to with Nicholas because we don’t have space for it. And it’s not just the space, but the clutter is weighting on us emotionally so we can’t focus on creative stuff. More is taking away our creativity.

I decided to get rid of a big part of my clothes. I wear a few favorite outfits most of the time anyways. I bet you do too. And I am really really going to keep myself from buying more unless I truly need it. Trust me, I love shopping but each time I have the urge I am going to remind myself that the piles of laundry and the closets that I have to organize are not what I want to spend my time on. Plus I could  do something better with the money.

I decided to be really conscious about how much time I spend on social media and what I do there. Because it is taking my time.

I decided to cook simpler meals. Because, really, even though it might be fun to come up with new stuff, it really is just food and it’s main purpose is to nourish our bodies, not to entertain.

I decided to be very careful about what activities we schedule and places we go to.

I decided to say no to more more often. Much more often than I used to.

Is more always bad?

Of course not.

Time is one thing I want more of. Time with my kids. Time with my husband. Time doing what I love.

And no, I am not becoming a minimalist. Not for now at least. I just want to really become conscious about what is taking my time away from doing what’s important. Even if it is few minutes here and there. Those minutes add up.

When it comes to many things in life less is often better than more. Less is my new friend now.

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