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I want to do what I love. For a living. But how?

All of us want to do what we love for a living. Who wouldn’t?

There are mostly two reasons why people don’t.

A. Don’t know what my passion is.

B. I know what my passion is but don’t know how/don’t believe I can make a living with it.

My (humble) thoughts on how to deal with both.

Problem #1:  I don’t know what I am passionate about.

Every now and then during one of my workshops I get a person who doesn’t know what he/she is passionate about. I keep asking – What inspires you? What would you do if success was guaranteed? What activities make you lose a track of time when do them?

Often they have no idea how to answer those questions. Sometimes they get frustrated with me. I once even had a lady who said: “That’s why I came here, I thought you would give me the answers”. I usually don’t even know how to respond to something like this.

I recently realized that all of us do something similar in one form or another. We make things too complicated. We don’t trust ourselves and wait for someone to come and tell us the truth.

We keep buying books, reading blogs, following those who “made it”… all with one purpose – to find the answers. We keep looking outside for our life purpose, keep trying to find our passions, when in reality all we have to do is to look inside, look at ourselves, at what we do and how we feel. Ask ourselves few simple questions and listen for answers. They will come. They can’t not to.

Your life purpose is to be yourself. That’s it. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

Your life purpose is to do things that are an expression of who you are. What do you love to do? What you are intensely curious about? What do you always find time to do no matter how busy you are? What inspires you? What can you talk late into the night about?

Answer those questions and I bet you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to do. Your passions are here already. You are doing them. You are living them. Don’t make it too complicated. You know. The answers.

Once you find your passions and what makes you feel alive, just start living it. More.

Doing something that is an expression of who you are is your life purpose. Simple. Stop looking any further.

Problem #2: Know what my passion is but don’t know how to make a living with it.

My answer to that are commitment, trying and setting the limits.


Once you realize that life is short and that doing anything that is not in alignment with who you are is really a huge waste of your precious time on Earth, you will commit.

One decision. Changes everything.


I coud write a lot here but you better go read this article from Derek Sivers. Love it.

Treat everything as a test. Let go of your attachment to a certain outcome.  Expect the best. Don’t mind the worst. (I know, easy to say, not so easy to do)  And keep trying.

Set clear limits for yourself.

Right now you might have to do what you don’t love, but what are your limits?  How far will you go or, to be more precise, bend? Set the limits and don’t break them. Your life will start aligning itself accordingly.

Some examples of my limits:

I am committed to making my thing work.

I am not going to get a 9-5 job.  If I ever absolutely have to get a job, I’ll go and bartend. 9-5 is not an option.

Just deciding it, brought so much peace.

When you have limits, your mind will start bringing ideas and opportunities that are within your limits.

And then just keep trying and testing.  You’ll get there.

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J.D. Meier October 30, 2010 at 8:31 pm

Rules and limits are key. Sometimes people break themselves against their own rules or they don’t set rules that serve them. Sometimes MUSTs become SHOULDs and SHOULDs become someday, nevers.


Chris Mercer October 31, 2010 at 1:05 pm

I appreciate the power of decision. You are right that when you make a decision… and have committed to it… the universe begins to unfold before you. Sometimes with gentle nudges… sometimes with a solid push into the deep end of the pool!


Farnoosh November 2, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Brilliant post – and the same 2 questions I get from friends, family, strangers, peers, everyone – and the funniest is how people think coaches and experts can tell THEM what their passions should be…..And best phrase of all, dear Lana, “Your life purpose is to be yourself.” You are a gem. Lucky your clients to work with you. You simplify it but you still make them work on the real stuff!


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