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What power do you give to your subconscious?

A lot of people worry too much about their subconscious beliefs and assign them more power than deserved. Yes, it is true that if your beliefs contradict your desires you will have difficulty manifesting. But don’t let the fear of those beliefs rule your life. Don’t let them stop you from going after your dreams.

Yes, it is true you can dig deep inside and try to find your childhood experiences that implanted those beliefs. You can use different complicated techniques in order to do it. But it so much easier and works with the same effectiveness to simply decide that your beliefs have nothing to do with your present and future. Simply decide that every day you are writing a new script.

Here are some quick tips to help you do it:

Develop an unconditional faith in yourself.

You must develop and unconditional faith in your ability to manifest your desires. Have faith in your power to manifest whatever you want in life as long as you believe in it.

How do develop this faith? By simply deciding to do so here and now. Know with 100% certainty that what you want was already given to you, it is already yours. You wouldn’t have your desire in the first place if it was impossible for you to have it. The fact that you desire something says that it can and will be yours if you believe and take action toward it.

Start every day like the first day

This is a powerful technique. Wake up every morning and say to yourself: “I’ve been put here for the first time today”.  Believe in it and treat everything you come across today like a miracle, like a new amazing experience.

When you start every day anew, your past conditioning can’t affect you; simply because you don’t have a past, you don’t allow yourself to even think about the possibility of having anything in the past. Use this technique for several days and you will see how much better you will feel.


Remember your subconscious beliefs can have power over you only as long as you allow them. Deny them this power. Believe in your ability to create your life the way you want it to be no matter what you had in the past. It was done before by so many others; you can do it too.


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