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You Don’t Need to Prove Anything To Anyone… but One Person

Really. There is a much easier way. Trying to prove anything to anyone is a waste of time and energy. Huge waste.

When you catch yourself trying to prove anything, think to yourself – am I really sure in this myself? Because if you were sure, you probably wouldn’t want to prove it.  

Think of any confident person you know. Think of anyone who in your opinion is living Their Truth. Do they explain themselves a lot? Do they try to prove anything to anyone? Most likely they don’t.

They just live Their Truth. And the World usually follows.

They don’t prove. They don’t will things to happen in a certain way. They just don’t accept any other way.

The same goes for trying to show people how you should be treated. We often want to make a certain impression on people and we want them to treat us and think of us in a certain way.

You really don’t need to do any of that. You don’t need to teach anyone how to treat you.

All you have to do is to get clear in your heart how you should be treated. And expect nothing else but that.

It is about calm confidence. Calm knowing.  Once you get it, there will be a totally different vibe coming from you. The World will respond.

The more you want to prove anything, the more situations you attract into your life that make you fight for your position.

Get clear on what Your Truth is. What your message is. What your values are. Stop asking for permission. Stop apologizing. Stop explaining yourself. Just live it. Live Your Truth.

Look at your business. Are you trying to prove anyone that what you do is valuable? Do you expect people to argue with you or to not accept you? Do expect it to be difficult to market your products or services? Even if this thought sits somewhere in the back of your mind, get rid of it.

Are you doing what you love? Are you confident that you are bringing value? If yes, then convince yourself and yourself only that you don’t need to convince anyone else. Everyone else we’ll get convinced once you do that.

You’ll see. This world works in miraculous ways. It’s all about you breaking the barriers inside your mind and letting go of resistance. Everything else becomes easy after you do that.

The only person you ever need to prove anything is you yourself.

You are The King. Or The Queen. Embrace and enjoy your Kingdom.

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