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Eckhart Tolle vs Abraham Hicks

If you know any of the teaching of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks you probably wonder how they can possibly work together. At first sight they seem like totally different things. Eckhart Tolle teaches to live in the present moment, embrace it and not think of anything but what you experience in the now. Abraham Hicks teaches the Law of Attraction which means to know your dreams and to focus on them -focusing on your future. Letting your thoughts of the future lead you.

From first look it seems that the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with living in the now. But let me tell you how you combine the two.

The only way for the Law of Attraction to work in your life the way you want it to is to have 100% faith and no resistance. To believe with all of your heart that what you want was already given to you.

The problem with that is that most people don’t have that faith and still have the resistance. The resistance might be in the form of fear, worry, doubt or constant evaluation-“OK where is my stuff?”

That is where living in the now comes in handy. The Now has no problems. When you live in the moment you just take each moment one at a time without thinking about the future, without evaluating anything. This way you don’t have any resistance and your desire can manifest easily and effortlessly.

So you place your order with the Universe (your desire) and then you live in the Now which will help you get rid of the resistance that might cancel your order.

You see Law of Attraction and living in the Now can and should be combined. They simply complement each other. If you use both the right way your desires will manifest quickly and easily.

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