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Last Week Favorite Moments

Last week I didn’t write as much as I promised myself to. I meditated on it yesterday and realized that I am making writing a chore again. I get stressed again. My inspiration’s wings get cut. And it can’t fly. I’ll write more about it tomorrow. Right now, our weekly update. Something that I want to make a weekly update anyway.

Some of my favorite moments from last week:

We had lots of magic going on. Leprechaun was coming to the house every night since last Monday. I know he is really supposed to come only once the night before St.Patrick’s Day, but ours was special, so he came every night for 6 day. Nicholas have been building a new trap every day. Some traps were really elaborate. Keith helped him. Here are some of them.

And no, we didn’t catch the leprechaun. But he was lots of fun. He left us little surprises and made us hunt for them around the house. He also played with Nicholas’ toys and made a mess in the playroom every night.We’ll miss him.I hope he’ll come again next year.

Little baby adores big brother. She wants to do everything he is doing. And laughs all the time when he plays with her.I love watching her excitement when he comes home from school. I love watching them play together.

Our little explorer. I love how she makes a loud giggle when she sees something exciting, and, really, right now everything is exciting – shoes, purses, boxes –  and goes straight to it. I get her from under the tables and chairs dozen times a day. She knows the word “no” in Russian really well. If mama says “Nyet”, she won’t touch it.I love how independent she seems to be now. And it makes my heart hurt a little – how quickly they grow.

We love bookstores. It still amazes me that my boy can read now.  We like going to the bookstore. Just the three of usWe found a ladybug field and loved it. There were literally dozens of them there. A lot of them were making babies. What can I say – spring.! Nicholas kept wanting to put the third one on top of the two and see if the third one will stay. Turns out ladybugs don’t like threesomes, so it didn’t work.

I love our movie nights on Fridays. That’s the only time we ever watch TV. And it makes it very special. That’s the only night when we eat pizza too and pile up on the floor to be closer to the baby. I love how baby is sitting and watching, eating some little piece of fruit I give her. It amazes me how grown up she is already.

We had a green breakfast on Saturday.

And then it took us awhile to figure out what to do. We wanted to do something special like go see the parade in downtown. But then it took us awhile to get out of the house and I got frustrated because I felt like we were wasting time and I wanted that day  to be special.  I noticed each time I try too hard to make it special, it doesn’t exactly work out that way. Then I stopped and realized that it was special.  No matter what we did. So Nicholas had an idea to just go to the lake. And we did. And we had a blast. We even had our first swim this year.Well, Nicholas did. We just chilled out and played in the sand.

And the best gift I got this week. Here is what my boy wrote one morning. He woke up and told me he wanted to write something on the computer. He knows how to type and how to print. He said that he thought of  writing this the night before when he was falling asleep. That’s what my boy thinks about before falling asleep. For me it’s huge.

In case you don’t understand it says: “Mommy I love you, whenever you scream at me I still love you really much.” And he gave me his pencils and erasers with it.

I almost cried. This little note means so much. It means he knows how bad I feel when I raise my voice at him. It means he knows that I still always love him. It means he really knows that I make mistakes too. It means he sees us as equal. Not as almighty parent and little child. But partners. It means he knows that I am not perfect and he wants to tell me that it’s ok. This little note means so much.

That’s all I have today.

Let’s make a new week full of memories and little moments that matter. Happy Monday!





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J.D. Meier March 21, 2012 at 2:40 pm

You captured a lot of little moments of life in the perfect, keepin’-it-real kind of way.


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