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Project Alive: Day 9. How I was focusing on the wrong thing.

So I took my slowing down advice to heart and didn’t write yesterday. Or maybe I didn’t have much to say. The latter is more likely.

I have this idea in my head that every post I write should contain some deep insight. I tried publishing other kind of posts, like here is what we did yesterday and let me do my stream of consciousness. Those never felt good. It felt like I was wasting your time .

I know that I am wrong, because even those kind of posts can inspire. And I want to inspire.

Anyway, I didn’t have any deep insights. So I didn’t know what to write. And then I realized that instead of focusing on doing things that make me come alive I started analyzing myself and trying hard to come up with insights on how to come alive.

This is not good – I thought. Insights don’t happen when you are looking for them, they happen when you are living, engaging, taking action.

Then I asked myself – why was I doing it?

The answer was –  I was trying to make this project more meaningful, more useful. How funny is that? The most useful part of this project is to serve as a reminder. To do what lights you up, what feeds your soul, what makes you come alive. It really can’t get any more useful.

I was making things more complicated than they should be as usual.

So I decided to stop and not do that anymore.

It is really all very easy. There are only two things that make us come alive – making progress on what matters to us and expressing who we are.

Just two.

We need to commit to doing both every day. To make progress you need to know your long term goals that are important to you right now. To express yourself you need to know what lights your soul .

There will be lots of other things that make you feel alive but seem to not fit into those two categories.

Like I wrote in one of my first posts that I feel alive when I engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people. Conversations might not look like progress or self – expression but really they are.

With like-minded people I am much more likely to express myself without holding anything back. I am much more likely to share my dreams. I am much more likely to brainstorm for ideas and make progress. I can get inspired. I can learn. I can grow.

So many things can help you express yourself creatively and make progress.

It all comes down to knowing who you are and what you want.

It always comes down to it. And then going out there and doing what need to be done to be who you are and get what you want.

And that, my friends, will make you come alive.

Hey, that was a deep insight, don’t you think?

From now on I won’t look for insights. I’ll welcome them when they come, but when they don’t I am here to just remind you to do something that makes you come alive. Everyday.

Let’s make it a habit. Because it’s a good habit to have.


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