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Follow Your Heart and You’ll Get to Your Dreams

I learned about the power of the core desire not that long ago. This is a very similar concept to what I tell you to do when identifying your real dreams- finding your passions first.

The whole concept can be formulated into this phrase again-“you can get what you want only to the extent that you are really clear about what you want.” People don’t know what they really want and that is the reason why they don’t reach their goals. Because those goals are not what they really want to begin with. Because they are not motivated enough by their goals.

So what you really want is your core desire and once you find your core desire you will be motivated and you will do whatever it takes to get it.

A core desire usually lies under several layers of fake desires. You have to dig deep to find it. How do you do that?  By asking yourself what it is I want and listening to your heart. Not to your head, but to your heart. Listen to the emotions that the answer gives you. Once you find the answer that makes you cry or laugh, that is it. That is your core desire.

That is how I did it with one of my dreams. I always thought I wanted to be a millionaire. But when I started identifying if it was my core desire or not I found out that it wasn’t. So I asked myself: “Why do you want to be a millionaire?” The answer I heard was- to have freedom. That was closer. Why do you want to have freedom, what would that give you? The answer was -the opportunity to do what I love doing, the opportunity to make my own schedule, the opportunity to give the best to the people I love. I could dig deeper but let’s stop here for now. You see my point.

 Do I have to be a millionaire to do any of those things? No I don’t.

So my core desire had nothing to do with being a millionaire. I still need lots of money to do all of those things, but I don’t need to be a millionaire. Not that I can’t be a millionaire just because that is not my core desire. I of course still can, but the point is that my original desire had nothing to do with what I really wanted. So if I focus on my original desire of being a millionaire, I will most likely be not as motivated to take action toward it as I am motivated to take action toward my core desires. 

So dig deeper and find your core desires. That is something you will pursue with all of your heart and be most motivated to take action towards. Also that is something you won’t give up on when faced with obstacles. Obstacles might slow you down a little bit but they won’t stop you since you are pursuing something with your heart and something you really want.

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