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Forgiveness and Freedom of Leting Go

This post is the next post in a series of letting go. I wanted to write about forgiveness and letting go of your past offenses. I had this great idea in my head but for some reason couldn’t put it into words. Writer’s block I guess, it happens to me sometimes. Considering English is not my native language I sometimes get stuck finding the right words to put my thoughts on paper or on a web pageJ. Luckily that doesn’t happen very often.

Anyway, I really wanted to write a post about forgiveness because I think it is very important to let go and forgive. So I’ve been sitting thinking about it and then decided to check my facebook messages. Logged in and saw that a friend of mine sent me this youtube video.

I watched it and was totally amazed because it said exactly what I wanted to say… plus accompanied by an absolutely beautiful music. Think about the Law of Attraction in Action!

So watch the video, it is beautiful and very insightful. I know you will enjoy it. That is my post for today.. That was easy. May be I should do it more oftenJJust kidding.



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