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How to attract love into your life-do you know all the rules?


Many people try to use the Law of Attraction when trying to attract their ideal partner into their lives. Yet they overlook one of the main principles of the Law of Attraction-being specific in your desires.

You probably know that you should be as specific as possible about the qualities you want your ideal partner to possess. You should actually write a list of qualities and make it as long and as specific as possible. Have you done it already? If yes, great.  If not, you should do it now.

Yet you probably never thought that not only you should specify his or her positive characteristics in your list, but the negatives that you would be OK with too. Why is it so important to list all the negatives you are willing to put up with? Simply because the chances of you meeting someone who is perfect with zero negative qualities are pretty slim.

No matter what, your ideal partner will have some not so perfect habits or character traits that make him/her not so perfect. And by specifying which ones you are willing to put up with makes your order complete. Not only does the Universe know what you want but also what you are OK with and ready to compromise or close your eyes to.

Think about it, if you don’t do it and just write out all the positive qualities you want to see in your future partner, the Universe will send him or her to you eventually. But imagine that this ideal person has only one bad habit, but it happens to be the one that you absolutely can’t live with.

By specifying the qualities you are OK with even though they are not so great, you are giving the Universe a very specific order and limiting your ideal partner to having only those qualities, not the ones you would absolutely hate.

Don’t worry though.  It doesn’t mean the person you meet will have all of the negatives you listed. No, he/she won’t. By doing this you are just setting the boundaries.

So write a list. Have two columns in it. One says “My ideal partner is” and the other one “Qualities I am willing to put up with in my ideal partner”.

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