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How To Let Things Go and Be Happy

the power of letting go“When we stop holding on or clinging to anything, we realize we have everything”

We tend to cling to things. We get attached to things like our career, status, or money. I think it is human nature to become attached. And even when it doesn’t make sense, we are reluctant to let go.

Two primary reasons I think we get attached to things are the fear of loss and subconscious belief of limited possibilities.  People stay at the job they hate just because they are afraid to lose what they have and don’t believe they can find anything better. They are afraid to leave a husband who doesn’t treat them the way they deserve because they are afraid they won’t find anyone better.

They are attached to their dreams because they think that if they don’t get what they want there is nothing better that can come their way to make them happy.

We are afraid to lose what we have even when we understand that we are losing the opportunity to find something better. This fear of loss causes us to stand still and not take action toward a better life.

I was like this for a long time. I used to be attached to material things, to people in my life, to the dreams that had to come true only the certain way I envisioned them to. 

But then I realized that by clinging to things, I am sending the signal of lack to the Universe.  I am focusing on “not enough”. When I cling to something and am afraid to let go, I am basically saying that I don’t believe in an abundant and ever providing Source that will always make sure to bring me what I need to be happy.

I also realized that nothing is permanent in this world. When I die, I won’t be able to take anything with me. It won’t matter how much money I made, how many things I bought–I won’t take them with me anyways.

All that will really matter at the end is how many happy moments I had. I am coming back to the thought of making your every day moments matter, of doing what you love and enjoying what you have now.

That is all that will really matter in the end. The only thing that you should be attached to is your desire to be happy. Everything else is just details and the “how”s–let them go. As long as you are happy, “how” won’t matter.

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