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How To Set Goals So You ALWAYS Reach Them!

how to set goalsHave you ever set a goal that you haven’t achieved? How did it make you feel? Not so good probably. I’ve been setting goals my whole life and a lot of them I didn’t achieve.  A lot of them I did, but unfortunately I still feel like a failure when I don’t achieve my goals.

Sometimes I would get really inspired and start setting goals every day trying to accomplish them all, but then after a few days of not reaching some of my goals I get discouraged and go back to not setting any goals at all.

Few weeks go by and here I am again inspired and setting my goals. Few days later I again stop doing it.

I’ve been going through this cycle for a long time in my life. Are you doing something similar? Does it mean that goal setting doesn’t work? Of course not.

When we set a goal we get really clear on what we want. This alone has a huge benefit  since lots of people live their lives on autopilot having no clear goals in mind. If you have no idea where you are going, how are you going to get there? Getting clear on what you want is the first step in actually getting what you want.

So goal setting definitely works. Traditional goal setting is not very effective though. Because it causes lots of people to go on an on and off spurts just like the one I described.

You are still moving toward your goals this way, but you are not taking consistent steps. Consistent little steps are what make you reach your goals in the least amount of time possible. So how to ensure that you are taking those little steps every day, how to ensure that you don’t give up or slow down in the middle and continue taking action no matter what.

Well, first of all let’s see what makes you slow down or stop altogether in the middle of the goal reaching process. Your feelings primarily, right? For example, if your big goal is to start a business, you probably have a set of little goals that lead you to that big goal. Those might be something like-write a business plan, get clear on your business idea, start a website, find a product to sell etc..

There might be lots of those little steps and you probably outlined them all for yourself. Then you start taking those little steps. If something doesn’t work out the way you hoped it would, you feel bad. For example you can’t find supplier for the product you want to sell as quickly as you hoped to. Or turns out you can’t make your own website and can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you.

Those are simple examples, but if you get discouraged over and over again, it might cause you to give up the whole idea of starting a business altogether.

Or maybe you will put the idea of starting a business to the back burner and say to yourself: “I’ll do it some other time”.

 When if you continued taking action consistently every day, however small that action might be, your business would have probably been up and running by now.

So your feelings stop you in the middle of taking action. It might be the feelings of failure or worry or doubts or whatever else. Those feelings are primarily caused by the fact that you haven’t set your goals the right way to begin with.

Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn’t Work.

You see in a traditional goal setting there are only two choices-you either reach the goal or you don’t. And that is where the problem starts. If you don’t reach the goal, you feel bad and eventually you give up because no one likes feeling like a failure obviously.

Also in a traditional goal setting you are constantly sending a message to your mind that says:  “I am not good at reaching my goals”. If you read the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, you should know that whatever your mind believes in, you will achieve. So if your mind believes that you are not good at reaching your goals, that is what you’ll become-not good at reaching your goals. You become precisely as you imagine yourself to be.

 So what is the solution?

 The approach that I am going to share with you today works much better than usual goal setting. It ensures you reach your goals quickly and easily. I call it “The Winners Approach”.  That is what you have to do:

Set a goal. Then instead of having a “yes” or “no” answers as your possible outcome, have “yes” and “yes”.

How is that possible? It is possible. If your goal for example is to finish building a website for your business tomorrow, instead of putting “Finish a website” as your goal put -“Work on a website”. And give two choices.

a.      Finish 1 page of the website


b.      Finish the whole website

Choice A is something you absolutely with 100% certainty know you can do. Choice B is the actual choice that you want to accomplish. It is important to put “or” between two of those choices because that sends a very powerful message to you mind that says that both of those choices are equal.

Why is that a powerful message? Because either way you are a winner, you don’t get to experience feeling of failure or disappointment. Which means you won’t send the negative “I am not good at reaching my goals” message to your mind.

Your self-image will improve, and you will continue taking little steps to reaching your goals. Even if in the beginning you reach only your A choices, it is still better than giving up and not doing anything at all.

But the main reason this approach is so powerful is because eventually your mind will see that you can reach any and all of your goals. It will believe that you are so good at reaching your goals, that you will start reaching your choice B goals more and more often.

This approach helps you to build momentum. Momentum is a powerful thing. It works like a snowball effect.

Remember, whatever your mind believes in you will become. Whatever your mind believes in you will achieve.

It is all inside your mind. Build a positive self image, have an image of yourself that says that you always reach your goals and it will become your reality.

When I started using this method, reaching my goals became so much easier.

 It really works, try it and let me know how it worked for you.


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