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Law of Attraction for Kids

I decided to start a separate blog category called the “Law of Attraction for Kids”

This is something I am very interested in at the moment. As you know, most of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from our success are the ones coming from our childhood. I had so many of those I had to fight with and now I want to make sure my son doesn’t have them. I want to make sure he grows up a confident and secure person who knows that he can do and be anything he wants.

He is still very little; he just turned 2, so I can’t really explain that much to him. What I am trying to focus on right now is on building his self confidence and self esteem.

I always make sure to praise him for every little thing he does. I never criticize him, unless he did something totally unacceptable.

I limit “no”s. I want him to hear more “yes” than “no”. This way he will grow up and expect “yes” from life.

He loves reading books, but before going to bed instead of reading a book, I tell him stories. And in those stories I incorporate him as if he is doing something really great and everyone is happy and proud of him. I make him the hero of the story. I think it really helps him to build a positive and confident self-image. He loves our bedtime stories and will never go to bed without one.

I let him make his own decisions as much as possible. This way he will grow up not being afraid to make decisions and taking full responsibility for them.

Now some of you might be under impression that I am raising a spoiled child. I don’t think so, he knows the limits. And he is extremely well-behaved; and this is not just my objective opinion. Well, even if he is spoiled, I would rather have him this way than insecure and being afraid to pursue his goals.

I plan on teaching him all the things that I write in this blog once he is able to understand them.

I am far from a perfect parent but I really hope that he will grow up a much more confident and secure person than I did and with much less limiting beliefs.

What are you doing with your kids to teach them the Law of Attraction?


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