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Law of Attraction Survey


law of attraction surveyLong time no talk… I am still alive, guys. I told some of you earlier that I am in the middle of putting together my law of attraction/self-improvement study course.

It is almost finished and I am really proud of it.

The reason it is going to be not only about the Law of Attraction is because I believe that the Law of Attraction alone won’t make all of your dreams come true. There are other Universal Laws and principles that you need to know.

 I am also putting a lot of emphasis on practical tools and techniques that you can use. The problem that I see in many people is that they read a book, get inspired for a few weeks and then slowly give up their dreams when they aren’t manifested quickly.

They don’t know how to stay focused and how to incorporate the knowledge they learned into everyday life.

No implementation or not knowing how to implement the knowledge on a consistent basis is the main reason why your life doesn’t change for the better as quickly as you would like it to.

So the main key of my course is going to be practicality. I will show you not only the theory, but also practical stuff that works. And I will show you how to incorporate it into your everyday life, and to make it a habit.

Some of the things I am going to cover in the course include advanced visualization techniques. Everyone is telling you that you should visualize but no one is telling exactly how to do it. I found the most effective way to do it that brings almost instant results.

Also, I am going to cover EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and how you can use it to release your past negative blocks, so that they don’t stand in your way. Those are just some of the techniques; I will cover many more.

Anyway, I don’t want to go into too much detail too early, but I would like you to do me a favor. The course is not finished yet and I want to make sure I cover all the concerns and questions you might have.  

I really want it to be not just another self improvement book that you will read, put on your shelves and forget about. I want to make it really useful and practical for you. I want to answer all of your questions you might have and cover everything you feel you need to know.

 So I created a survey. Could you please go to the link below and answer the questions in that survey?

There are only 5 of them and you can skip the questions that you feel are not applicable to you.  That would be very helpful for me and  I would greatly appreciate you doing it. Thank you so much!

Click Here To Take the Survey



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