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Make a Clear Choice, Dance a “Let Go” Dance

Why is it so hard to let go sometimes? We all know that letting go works. We all know that as soon as we let go of the attachment to the thing that we want, we almost always get it.

Until you are too attached, you are not allowing it to show up for you. It’s like standing there and screaming – “I need it!”  The World responds – “Ok, continue needing.”

When you let go, you change the “I need it” vibe to “I decide to have it” one.

You make a clear choice.

Being too attached is not a choice. It’s  “I really want it but still not sure… or I need it, but don’t think I can… or I desire but it is too big…”  Too much attachment and need are anything but a clear choice.

Clear choice involves calm confidence and knowing. And both of those produce unstoppable action. Action brings results. Always.

What are you attached to? Usually those are desires that are really important to you. Want to start making more money? Want to start a business? Want to be with that particular person and no one else will do?

Are you getting any closer? And if you are, is it happening as smoothly and as quickly as you’d like it to? Maybe it’s time to let go?


Just let go. I know it’s hard (trust me I do!).  I know you really want it. I know you can’t stop thinking about it. Try at least.

Consciously decide to let go. Consciously understand that it is not helping you to stay attached. Distract yourself with something. See the miracle in what you’ve got already.

Let go. And then before you know it, you’ll be living your dream.

Make sure to get clear though on what the dream is first. Otherwise you might be attached to something that really is not what you truly want.

Get clear on your true desires aligned with you passions and purpose and then let go.

They’ll come. They will be yours. Take a deep breath, dance a “whatever happens” dance and let go. Promise?

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