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The Greatest Manifesting Principle-Let Go of Your Desires

Did you know that in order to get what you want you need to let it go first? How is that you ask?

They say to focus on your dream as much as possible, to visualize, to have that burning desire inside. It is all true, doing all of those things helps. But at the same time you need to learn to feel detached and neutral toward the outcome.

Yes, you want it with all your heart, but you are also detached. Why are you detached? Because you are indifferent? Because you don’t care? No, that is not the reason. You are detached because you know for sure that what you want is already yours. It is already here. That is why you are calm and neutral.

Remember The Secret?  You can get what you want if you believe with 100% certainty that it is already yours.  Also, remember how you usually feel when you finally get the object of your desires? Like that new gadget you recently bought that you wanted so much.  What happened when you actually got it? You were happy to finally have it, you were excited, but at the same time you were calm and detached. It was already yours, so why feel any anxiety?

That is exactly how you should feel toward the dreams that you still haven’t reached. You desire them, you choose them, you are happy about them, but at the same time you let them go and you become detached. Because you know for sure that you are going to get them–that they are already here.

This will show the Universe your faith. When you act like the thing you want is already yours, the only thing the Universe will have to do is to align itself according to your beliefs and actually bring that thing to you.

So desire it, state it, imagine it and then let go and become detached. Know for sure that it is already yours.


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