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on life purpose + starting a business and the best thing you can to do to succeed in both

I found a copy of the check a few days ago. The date on it is 1/15/2009. This check is very special. It is first $198.05 that I made with my business. My first money ever made with my own business.

That check got me thinking. It made me realize how far I am now from who I was and where I was in January of 2009. I grew so much personally and professionally. And I wanted to share with you the main lesson I learned on my journey.

I didn’t have a website yet back then, that was the money I made promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate via Google ads. I won’t even tell you the name of the product because it was so unrelated to what I am doing now. It looks silly and inappropriate. But without promoting that product I wouldn’t be where I am now.

So I am getting to the main point of this post.

You don’t know everything right away.

You don’t know yourself when you start the journey.
You don’t know what’s possible and what you are meant to do and where you will end up at.
You CAN’T know.

Before I started my own business I spent several months trying to figure out what I wanted to do.
All I knew was that I wanted to work from home. I didn’t want to get another job. And I wanted to find my purpose in life (of course!).

So I started. From where I was. With the knowledge I had. And resources I had. And the level of awareness I had.

I did what I could with what I had in my disposal.

I didn’t even do it the best I could. I didn’t do my best. I could have done much better. I could have been more organized and focused and determined and who knows what else. But the point is – I did something.

A few weeks ago I stripped down my coaching. Another flash of clarity I experienced, but I’ll write about it in detail in my next post.

I left only the core of my coaching – I help entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs to find their unique message to the world. It might be a tagline, a mission statement, whatever you call it. We’ll find the exact words that will resonate with you at the core. That’s what my clients come to me for. That’s what they need the most.

Who knew 2 years ago that I would be doing this? I surely didn’t. I came such a long way. And, again, I wasn’t even doing my best. It was all happening in the middle of raising a child, getting divorced with all the drama surrounding it, finding love, getting married. So I wasn’t working on my business full strength to say the least. But I still managed to come such a long way and find my unique mission and purpose.

I look at my first check now and feel so grateful. If not that first attempt, that first step, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

During my workshops I so often meet people who say that they are looking for their life purpose, for Their Thing. Some have been looking for years. They read books, go to seminars, and attend workshops. They ask questions, they listen. They truly want to find the answers and start living their purpose feeling passionate and inspired every day.

But they don’t DO.

No action.

It’s is so hard to understand sometimes that your unique purpose won’t be revealed to you without you taking action.

There is nothing you can learn and no book will give you the answer.

It’s hard to understand that you will find your purpose only after you start doing. Something. Anything.

Start doing what you can. With what you have. And what you know. That first step will lead you to something else and then something else. Layer after layer you will gain clarity. Your awareness will expand.

Taking action, any action is the best way to find your purpose.

So if I had to summarize it, here are some action steps for you to take:

1. What do you like? What do you want? Forget about your passion for a minute. If you know your passion, great. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Just tell me what you are interested in and what you’d want your life to be like. Let’s say you’d like to quit your job and start a business. You have no idea what kind of business, but you like to bake, or maybe you like reading spiritual books, or maybe you enjoy photography.

2. See what you can start doing. Now. “Doing” and “now” are your keywords.

If you like baking, start baking more and taking pictures. Then share them with your friends on social media along with the recipes. If you love reading spiritual books, start sharing the advice you learned from them. If you like photography, take more photos and share them online.

3. The point is to start doing something. With the goal of eventually quitting your job, starting a business and finding your unique purpose.

Having a goal, even if very general is very important. Intention is the key. Take the first step. Then see where that step leads you. It will lead somewhere, I promise. At the end you might find yourself doing something completely different, but you wouldn’t have come there without taking that first step.

4. After you take the first step, see what door opens next. Look for clues, listen to your intuition. Take the next step. Don’t stop. Keep going, even if it looks like you are nowhere near to reaching your goal. Just keep going.

It is your choice. You can keep looking for you your unique purpose and find yourself couple years from now still looking.

Or you can start taking action. Any action. And see where it leads you. It might lead you to something so different from what you ever imagined, but one thing is for sure – you’ll have no regrets.

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