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Little Steps

This is day 6 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading!

I don’t know about you but I have a problem with little steps.  I like to see results right away. I like to see big results right away. That’s why the little steps approach often makes me feel like I am failing, like what I am doing is not working. And so I give up.

I think all of us are this way to a certain degree.  Can you imagine how many visions would have come to fruition if people didn’t have a problem with little steps? How many dreams would have been realized and how much better this world would have been if we were conditioned since childhood that little steps is a good thing. Not getting the result you want right away is a good thing. Mistakes are a good thing.

I want to become really conscious about it. I want to stop my mind from making me feel like a failure when I am going the little steps route.  And here is how to do it.

– Prepare your mind for not getting the results right away. Tell yourself over and over again that nothing will happen when you start taking your first steps on the way to your big dream. Nothing. You will not have an overnight success. Don’t even hope for it.

– Set a realistic timeline for when you will see your first results. 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?

– Determine what your best result is and what your acceptable result is. You might not have a full fledge flourishing business in 6 months but you might be making $500 a month with your side business? Of course being able to make a full time income in 6 months would be nice and that might be your best result you’ll be aiming for but make sure to gain clarity on your acceptable result. Acceptable result is what will make your mind feel like you are still a winner even if the best result didn’t happen.

– Make your acceptable result very conservative but not too conservative. You need to be able to realize when something is not working. And maybe you do need to give up on it. Sometimes giving up is not such a bad idea.

– Most importantly have clarity on your big vision. And have clarity on what little steps will take you there. And then just take the first step.

I did not get to all of the things from my I want list from yesterday. I never got to Barnes and Nobles and I didn’t have time to jurnal and reflect. But I don’t feel bad abut it. Because I had my acceptable result come to life.

We decluttered. We organized the office and I got rid of a bunch of stuff from my past life that I don’t need anymore. Some of that stuff were my various diplomas  – high school, colleges, music school I went to. Everything went to trash.

Past life had to go. To create more space for a new life. New dreams. New adventures.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Think of your big dream today. Think of the little steps. And think of the results that you will accept even if they are not what you ideally would like to get.

It’s all about not giving up. It’s all about progress.

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J.D. Meier February 14, 2012 at 2:49 am

I’ve learned to appreciate the little steps. Small is the new big.

I don’t know if you’ve read The Progress Principle, but it’s a great example of how we like to progress, even if the progress is small.

The Zeigarnik effect helps explain this. The Zeigarnik effect says that we remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than the ones we complete.


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