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Living in the Now- Why This Is Important.



You’ve already heard several times from me about the importance of living in the NOW. A lot of people still don’t understand this concept and the importance of it. Let me repeat and summarize why it is so important.

1)      No distraction. When you live in the Now you don’t get distracted from your dreams and don’t send mixed messages to the Universe.


2)      Now is perfect. There are no problems when you live in the now. Problems only arise when you start thinking and worrying about the future, or remembering your past. So the more you live in the now, the less problems you worry about and as a result of that you feel better.


3)      Good feelings. The better you feel, the more experiences you attract into your life that make you feel good. Remember- the Law of Attraction. Good feelings attract more events into your life that make you feel good. Bad feelings attract more bad events. So living in the Now helps you with good feelings and as a result good events attracted.


4)      You are open to receive. Remember, you can have whatever you want; the Universe wants to give it to you. But you need to be open to receive it. Living in the Now helps you to be open to receive, since it eliminates worry, doubt and fear.


5)      Inspired Action. Also the more you live in the Now, the less you are focused on the chatter that is happening in your head, the more likely you are to hear the messages and see the clues the Universe sends you. As a result you are more likely to take inspired action when it is needed and get what you want faster.


Those are all the reasons why you should start living in the NOW. Stop reacting to your thoughts. Try to become just an observer, take each moment one at a time.

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