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Love Is…

Love is the shortest way to happiness. For women at least. Love is everything for us. Don’t argue. It is.

I am happy today. I have my love with me. I am happy I didn’t settle for less. I am happy I took the steps to get here. I earned my happiness.

Do you really need to earn happiness? Don’t you deserve it just because you are here? You do. Silly me, I didn’t need to do it the hard way. I have no regrets though.

Today I am happy. I thought Valentine’s Day will be special. This is our first Valentine’s Day together.

It doesn’t feel special. It’s a usual day. I feel happy. Just like I do every day.

I feel gratitude. I am grateful to be with the man who loves me. Understands me. Cares for me. Accepts me. Forgives me. He is always there. Always present. I feel his love every minute. Every second. He is perfect. Perfect for me.

Not really sure what the purpose of this post is, besides to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day. And to remind you that love is everywhere. And you deserve to be loved. For who you are. Now.


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J.D. Meier February 14, 2011 at 7:42 pm

It’s great you feel happy every day.

Valentine’s is just a nice way to carve out a special occasion or go a little more over the top than you ordinarily might, or simply savor what you’ve got.

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