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My Long List of Regrets.

This is day 9 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading.

This article Top Five Regrets Of The Dying has been shared on social networks many times..

And as you might have noticed I am in the mood lately for everything that truly matters … Maybe it’s because I am rediscovering all over again what living authentically is all about. Or maybe because I never truly knew what it is about and now I want to finally get it. I really do.

So I want to think about regrets. Regrets that I might have at the end of my life.

I want to get specific. I want to make a long list.  Not just abstract and poetic “I would regret that I didn’t live my purpose” kind of regrets. But all of them or as much as I can think of.  Because that’s what will make it real. And that’s what will make me to actually take action.  It’s all about taking action, right?

Here it goes. I am going to do a stream of consciousness here.

I will regret:

If I didn’t cuddle with my babies enough while they were little and still wanted to cuddle with me.

If I bought art for my home instead of making it myself and with my kids.

If I didn’t say I love you enough to the people I love–my husband, my mom and my sister.

If I didn’t have enough ecstatic sex with my husband.

If I rushed too much through life always focused on the next goal instead of fully taking in what was in front me – the present moment.

If I let fear to stop me from doing what I wanted to do.

If I didn’t connect with like-minded people.

If I didn’t learn to be patient and accepting with my kids. And my mom. And my husband.

If I didn’t do enough creative fun stuff with my kids.

If I worried too much. About money. And clean house. And being perfect.

If I didn’t travel enough with my husband and my kids.

If I didn’t spend enough time in the nature appreciating it’s beauty.

If I didn’t have enough celebrations with the whole family.

If I focused too much on correcting what I thought my kids were doing wrong. Instead of teaching them to love themselves and accept themselves. And teaching them that everything is progress and that change is a good thing and mistakes is a good thing.

If I didn’t pursue my ideas and inspirations.  Wasn’t bold enough. Didn’t allow myself to dream big and start big projects.

If I didn’t light candles and cuddled with my husband every evening.

If I didn’t learn about myself everything I could. And didn’t explore all my passions and interests.

If I spend more time in my head. Than in my heart.

If I allowed my worry about opinions of others influence my decisions.

If I didn’t let my children to be silly and play in the puddles and get dirty and jump on the couches.

If I didn’t make myself feel good and sexy and inspired every day. It so easy to do, all I need is to consciously remember to do it.

If I didn’t live in a constant state of appreciation inspired by beauty and possibility around me.

To be continued…

What will you regret? Make your long list. Make it specific. Clarity is in specifics.

Writing from Barnes and Nobles today. With my sleeping baby. And magazines about crafting and design and everything that makes our life more colorful.



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