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Project: Alive. Day 7. On escape mentality and other insights on how to bring more Alive into your life.

I started our project Alive last week. I haven’t been very diligent about it I have to admit, I am still getting used to the fact that I need to focus on what makes me feel alive every day.

But even if I am not always diligent about it, I am doing the small things. And when I am not doing them, I am thinking about my alive. And that is good enough. For now.

Remember – what you focus on expands.

If you focus on feeling alive and doing small things that make you come alive, life will start sending you more of those things. And soon bigger things that make you come alive, like your big dream, will become part of your everyday too.

So I focus. I do the small things.

Yesterday I poured myself some tea and read even though I had “more important” things to do. I wrote in my journal and thought about my dreams. I went on Pinterest and looked at things that inspire me and got my creative juices flowing.

I decided to make a little garden just for my son. He’ll plant there anything he wants and I got him a little bench to sit and meditate by his garden. Or maybe he’ll read a book on that bench. Or play with his sticks and rocks.

I also of course write. And do things for my business.

And all of those things make me come alive. Spreading out as many of them as possible throughout the day helps me to maintain that feeling. Again I am not diligent about it, but I am getting there.

Which brings me to the important point I want to make in this post.

The most important part of doing those little things is the intention behind why you do them.

The vibe.

It is important to do them with the intention to make yourself feel alive and spread that feeling everywhere around you.

It is important to NOT do them to escape from your reality. From your to do list. From everyday mundane tasks and routines.

Don’t try to esacape.

Otherwise that’s where your focus will be – on escaping. And that’s what will expand as a result – more things to escape from. Stop that escape mentality.

The goal of this project is to help you always feel alive. Even if you are doing things that are not your alives, you can still feel alive.

When the things that make you come alive have a permanent place in your everyday life, it changes how you feel about everything else – how you go about your day, how you treat people, how you feel about yourself. It changes everything. That’s the whole point of this project.

With that said, let’s do some categorizing today. I know, that doesn’t sound too inspiring. But bear with me. I had another insight.

Look at your list of alives. Come up with 2 or 3 categories that most of the things on your list fall into.

For example, on my list – I have kids and my business as my main categories. Most of the items on my list fall under one or the other.

Now ask yourself  – what progress means to you in these two (or three, or four) categories? Remember how we said that progress or specifically taking action that will lead to progress makes us feel alive? Making the little and big steps that will propel us forward – that’s what gives us that special high.

So what progress means to you in those categories that you just came up with?

To answer this question you should probably know your long – term goal for each of the categories.

My long – term goal with my kids is to help them grow into their best selves and realize their highest potential.

My long term goal for my business is to serve lots of people all over the world helping them gain clarity, dare, live consciously and follow their dreams.

When I know my long – term goals, it is easier for me to see what action will help me to make progress. For example, writing and promoting this blog is a progress. Brainstorming for ideas is a progress. Creating a new product is a progress. Not giving up is a progress.

Many things can be considered a progress. And doing them will make me feel alive.

Many things won’t be considered a progress. Like doing the same thing that is not working over and over again.

So what’s your long term goal? How can you make progress on it today? And what else will you do to make yourself feel alive?

That’s all I have for today.

Remember, don’t treat your alives as your escape from reality. Intention behind why you do what you do matters.

Figure out your long – term goals and take steps to make some progress in reaching them. Every day.

And that will make you come alive. Promise.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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Jude February 19, 2018 at 4:52 pm

Add a dangle within the center for a nifty
pendant or make two matching briolette clusters for a gorgeous pair of earrings.


Micheal February 19, 2018 at 5:57 pm

But I can see that my rising pebble collection could develop into jewelry.


Vonnie February 19, 2018 at 6:31 pm

Designed, chosen and worn by Lulu herself, the items are inspired by her distinctive and timeless strategy to fashion with
an element of rock ‘n roll stylish.


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