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Project: Alive. Day 1.

Yesterday when I wrote the post about going on a Mission: Alive (by the way, mission is too dramatic, so we’ll call it a project) I felt that there was something that still wasn’t clear about my intentions behind doing it. Like I didn’t fully understand what I was trying to do myself.

Everything I wrote yesterday is true. I feel that figuring out the what makes me feel alive and how I can do more of it thing will change everything – how I relate to people, how I interact with my children and my husband, how I feel about myself… and much more. I feel that it will help me get unstuck. I feel that it will change things that need to be changed.

And those are great reasons to do it. Really, they are. But there was something else.

And today I realized what it was.

There is one thing.

Even though I said before that I don’t believe in one thing.

This one thing stands out. It is the one that brings me the most creative joy. And it is also the one that is one of the biggest sources of resistance at this point in my life.

I want to do this project to help me get unstuck in this one thing.

Why one thing?

I don’t believe in one thing when it comes to trying to find one passion, one life purpose, one big goal in life (whatever you call it).

But there is one thing at this point in your life that brings you the most creative joy. The one you are passionate about the most. The one that brings you the most aliveness. And the most resistance as a result.

This one thing might change completely tomorrow and another thing will stand out.

This one thing is not set in stone. And it is not predetermined.

But right now…right where you are, you have one thing.

For me it is writing. And creating products that will help people gain clarity, dare more and try more. This little blog is my one thing right now. It stands out.

My kids stand out too. They are my constant source of inspiration and creative joy and often frustration. But I feel less stuck when it comes to parenting them. In fact I almost don’t feel stuck at all. I feel overwhelmed and frustrated at times but not stuck.

So that’s probably the main reason why I want to do this project.

I believe that if I gain clarity on, learn how give a priority to all the things that make me feel alive, this one thing that stands out for me will start flowing easier. I will have less resistance doing this one thing. I will get unstuck where I am stuck with it.

I think it will do the same for you too.

So let’s start, shall we?

Project: Alive. Day 1.

Let’s ask some questions.

Tell me, what makes you feel alive? When do you feel alive? When do you experience that special high?

I started a notebook. I’ll also be documenting my insights on the blog. Please do the same. You have to write it down.

Seriously, find something to write on right now.

Our goal for this week is to dump everything out of our heads and put it on the paper.

We will do sorting, categorizing, prioritizing, weeding…etc later.

Right now let’s just take it out of your head.

Write everything that comes to mind.

Do you feel alive when creating culinary masterpieces for your family? Write it down. Do you feel alive when you are walking in the woods with your kids? Write it down. Write all the little and big things – your big alives and small alives.

Most importantly write down that one thing that stands out for you right now.

Here is what I have:

– I feel alive when I do creative projects with my kids. Or when I do something creative for them. When I come up with ideas that will engage their little minds. When I see their eyes sparkle. When I find a winner and they want to do it over and over again. When they surprise me during our creative endeavors. And they always do.

– I feel alive when I take them to new places. And old places that we love. I feel alive when I take them places, period. We love getting out of the house and have our little adventures.

– I feel alive when I create our own little special celebrations. When I create memories for them. It often takes extra effort, but I never mind.

– I feel alive when I engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

– I feel alive when I travel. Explore. New places. New flavors. New beauty.

– I feel alive when I see beauty. It could be beauty that I found browsing Pinterest – like simple and clever room design. Or beauty of the forest. And the trees. And the sky.

– I feel alive when I read something that inspires me. Makes me think. Makes me ponder the possibility.

– I feel alive when I dream.

– And my main thing – I feel alive when I write. When I have an insight and share it and get an email from someone who found it valuable. I feel alive when I work one on one with people. And dream with them. Big Bold dreams. I feel alive when I see their Vision clearly. And help them see it. I feel alive when I lead. I liked doing it ever since I was a child. Group projects where I get to be the organizer, the leader – I love that.

Those are my alives, the ones I can think of right now. I suspect I’ll be adding to this list. I’ll be  watching myself closely and writing more down.

As you see, some of my alives are very general, some are much more specific. Right now I am writing down all the things that come to mind.

What are your alives? Make your list.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

If you know someone who needs this series please share this article with them. Thank you for reading. It makes me feel alive to write for you.



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