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Project: Alive. Day 3. What prevents you from doing it?

We went for a walk in the woods yesterday. Just me and the kids. Nature walks and gateways with them make me feel alive. I will put it as a separate category on my list of alives.

I thought at first it would go somewhere in between creative activity and taking them places. But today I realized I specifically love exploring nature with them. When we look at different plants, pick up sticks and other little treasures to bring home, find bugs and colorful butterflies.

I always loved nature. I love experiencing it with kids. I love seeing their imagination at play. Nature provides so many opportunities for imagination to flourish and their little minds to develop. No amount of fancy toys can do that.

But I realized today that I don’t always allow myself to fully enjoy our nature outings. Like when I think we should hurry and get home on time to get other things done. Or when I have something else on my mind. I am not always present.

I am watching myself more closely in the past few days.

And I notice myself ruining my alive experiences right and left. I don’t allow myself to fully enjoy them. To fully emerge in them.

Alive is a conscious choice.

The choice we need to make every day. The choice to not only do what makes us feel alive but also to be present and enjoy it.

Consider this project to be an invitation. To give yourself a permission. To enjoy. To love. To savor your alive moments.

Give yourself this permission now.

Now that we have that out of the way, how are you doing? Are you working on your list?

If you were just reading and warming up to the idea of doing it, now is a great time to start.

Today we will start destroying the limitations (most are in our heads) that prevent us from doing and fully enjoying our alives.

Awareness is the first step as always. And we will start by asking some simple questions.

Look at the list of your alives that you’ve made and start going through each item on the list one at a time asking yourself these questions:

What prevents me from doing this more often? What prevents me from fully enjoying it?

Just write whatever comes to mind. Don’t try to figure out the solution just yet. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Here is my example:

The first thing I wrote on my alive list was – I feel alive when I do creative projects with my kids.

What prevents me from doing it more often and fully enjoying it?

Here are some things that come to mind immediately. I won’t edit or filter, I’ll just write.

I often don’t make it a point to do creative projects with them. During the days when we have a lot going on, I don’t make it a priority. Sometimes those days turn into weeks.

I often try to lead even though I discovered that the best way for all of us to have fun is to let them lead. I often try to direct the process the way I think it should go. And push my vision and expectations. It usually ruins everything.

I sometimes go overboard and plan too many activities for us and then I burn out and don’t want anything to do with them for a while.

Those are the things that come to mind right now. I am sure I’ll have more in the next few days.

I am going to do the same with every item on my list of alives. I’ll go through each item and write down things that I know prevent me from doing it more often and enjoying it fully.

Here is your task for this weekend:

Keep contemplating. If more things come up that make you feel alive, write them down.

Then go through each item on your list and think of all the things that prevent you from fully enjoying it, from being fully present when you are doing it and from doing it more often.

Most importantly consciously observe yourself.  You will start having insights now that your mind has a specific task at hand. Write your insights down.

I originally planned on doing this series on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, but I decided to add Mondays too as Tuesday sounded like a very long time until the next post. So I’ll talk to you on Monday.

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