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Project: Alive. Day 5. Her name is Resistance.

I had a big post planned for today but suddenly felt a lack of inspiration to write it. Like a complete lack of inspiration. I spent a good 30 minutes reading some blogs and checking Facebook status updates until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I have only that much time these days…while baby is sleeping. And wasting that time feels painful.


Her name is Resistance…

I know her. She usually shows up a few days after I start a new project or come up with a new idea.
New means change. She doesn’t like change.

I bet you’ve experienced it before too. You start a new project. You are excited about it. You have tons of ideas. You have a plan of action. And then… all of that excitement turns into self-doubt and lack of any inspiration to do what you so wanted to do just a few days ago.

I could have forced it and written a post I was planning to write. But I decided not to. I am going to let her win today. I will prevail though, because I know who I am dealing with. Because this time I am mindful of her.

So I am going to write about her instead. I will acknowledge her. And respect her. I’ll pay attention to her. I’ll listen. I’ll be very nice to her. And I think that will cool her down. And my inspiration will be back in no time. In fact I already feel it coming back.

When do you feel resistance?

Let’s look at our list of alives and think of when resistance tends to show up. So we can recognize her and be mindful of her when she does. And that will help to make her not so loud.

Resistance is present in my business a lot. When I start taking action on my big dreams I have for it. When I do something outside of my comfort zone. And pretty much everything that involves taking steps and making a progress means going out of the comfort zone to some degree. So resistance is always there. Watching. Ready to jump in.

But this time I am going to be ready for her. I will even plan for her. In a way I even like here. She is like a good friend who is always there for me.

I recommend you do the same. This is your task for today. Look at the area of your life where resistance often stops you from taking action. Look at your alives and see which of them bring the most resistance out you.

Make a mental note of it. So next time you can recognize and acknowledge it. That’s all you often need to weaken her grip.

Here you go. That’s my post for today.

What will you do today to make you feel alive?

I’ll do some dreaming and strategizing. And more writing. And maybe I’ll even make myself some tea and read an inspiring book. Plus I always have my kiddos. I’ll do something fun with them.

Have a good day you all! I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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