Hi! I moved to a new place. I would love for you to visit me there.


If you are familiar with meetup.com, I am an organizer of two groups there. Meetup is a place where you can find a group according to your interests and start going to their meetings.

Real meetings. Face to face. You then can hopefully meet like-minded people to talk to and maybe even become friends with. You can also start a meetup group in hopes to find like-minded people. Which is what I did. And that’s how I found my husband. No wonder we are so like-minded when it comes to many things.

My two groups are not active now. Because I wasn’t clear on my vision and what I wanted to get out of that whole meetup thing when I started them. It was a valuable experience though. I learned a lot and did meet lots of interesting people. And if nothing else, starting a group to find a husband was a pretty good deal. Don’t you think?

So now I feel I am ready for another group. My soul is craving more of face to face interaction.  I am meditating on it though. My friend Genia thinks I should go ahead and just do it. Try everything is one of her mottos. I love trying everything.  So we’ll see.

I am thinking to call it She Blogs, She Loves. Or something in those lines. It’s for women who have a passion. And love. Lots of love. And they share (or want to start sharing) those love and passion with the world. Via blogging, of course.  Because that’s the best way to do it.

Welcome to my new blog subscribers. And I do appreciate the emails some of you sent me even though I don’t respond.

We have a strep throat here. I hate when Nicholas gets sick.   So I am slacking on my posts.

You should see the post-it notes all over my desk.

Here is what some read:

Give most of your attention to the important. Constantly ask yourself – “What is important?”

Music in the background. (I’d like to have classical music playing in the background every day. If I could only remember to turn it on!)

She blogs. Because she loves.

Quote: She listened to herself above all other voices. – Kobi Yamada

Consciously choosing to do what you love is only one aspect of conscious living.

What is your long-term goal?

Quote: The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others – Gandhi.

I am going to write a really deep and inspiring post tomorrow.

Good night, all!






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