Russian Group

Hi my Russian friends,

Thanks for the interest in our Russian group meetings.


We meet once a month, usually second Wednesday of the month. Our meetings are very informal, usually in Starbucks. We do various personal development exercises, talk, share ideas etc.

I recently started calling our meetings Clarity and Passion circles, because we do lots of stuff to help us get clearer – on what we want, who we are, etc, and also discuss our passions and dreams.

New people are always welcome.  I have to ask though, please join us only if you are interested in the topics of personal growth and self improvement. If you are just bored and need someone to chat with, this is not the right group for you.

Our meetings are in Russian.

I keep in touch with group members by email. I announce our next meetings, send printouts when necessary etc.

You can sign up below if you’d like to be notified when/where our next meeting is.

You can read more about me and what I do here on this blog. If you resonate, I’d love to meet you soon!

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