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Serendipities, why do they happen…

Some of you might or might not know the process described in the movie The Secret. You ask, the Universe answers and then you must receive. How do you ask? You ask by getting clear on what you want, seeing what you want, visualizing, doing affirmations or whatever else you do. All of those things are examples of you asking.

Then the Universe answers. The Universe sends you what you want. If it is something that you are open to receive right away and have zero resistance to, you will have it right away. In other words, if you have 100% faith that what you want can and will be yours. If you have no doubt or worry or fear about it. If you have no past conditioning that says that for some reason you might not get it. Then you will receive what you want fast and with zero effort.

If the opposite is true and there is some kind of resistance in you, even if it is some little worry or some little unconscious belief that contradicts your desire, then the Universe will start sending you serendipities. Little coincidences that will remind you of your desire. It might be a person you meet, a book or television news. Some of those coincidences might not necessarily help you get closer to the thing you want, they are just meant to help you open up, loosen your resistance, show you that the Universe heard your request and is sending you what you want. All you have to do now is to receive it.

A lot of us don’t believe that those coincidences mean anything. So we just ignore them. Next time this happens to you, don’t ignore it. Pay full attention to the serendipity, celebrate it because this is the sign that the Universe is sending you. Remind yourself that what you asked is on its way and you just need to open up some more to receive it. And then take appropriate action toward your desire. But take action with faith and confidence since you already know that what you want was already given to you. All you have to do now is to go and receive it.

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