Hi! I moved to a new place. I would love for you to visit me there.

Some updates

I’ve been writing for 21 days in a row now. And what you see here is a very small part  of thoughts, ideas, realizations…in other words clarity I’ve experienced in the past 20 days.

Writing is in a way a form of meditation. I knew it all along. But once I fell off the bandwagon it was hard to get back. First step is always the hardest one.

I am back now.

And few things I gained clarity on. I am not a mommy blogger. You know I had an idea to start a blog on parenting. I am not going to do it now. Even though I enjoy sharing some of our personal updates and what we do as a family, I can’t imagine writing just about that or even mostly about that.

I love sharing photos. I really want to try video again. I am going to that soon.

I realized that Clarity is a bridge between sleepwalking and conscious life. And that’s what I want this site to mainly be about. Not that I claim to be completely awake myself. Do we ever fully wake up? Life is a dream, isn’t it? By being awake I mean living consciously in all areas of your life.

And the Daring part? Well, daring is always necessary. Because waking up is often scary. And sleeping is much more comfortable.

So here you go. Daring Clarity. I love the name of my site. It truly resonates with who I am. I am not starting another blog. I am definitely not starting a blog on parenting.

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Alan February 29, 2012 at 9:53 am

I’ve been writing daily to my email subscribers since the 10th January 2012, and I’ve found that articles are much easier to write every day, and I’ve been able to put more into them in a shorter time… it’s like, they’re just easier to write now


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