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Stop Looking For Your Purpose In Life and Try This

For so many of us finding your passion and your purpose seems like an incredibly difficult thing to do. And so we keep looking. Sometimes for years.

Sometimes we find it just to find ourselves a few months later wondering if that was a true purpose. Because something changed. We changed.  So the purpose and goal that inspired us a few months ago doesn’t cut it anymore.

All of that stumbling around keeps us from doing. From moving.  Making a difference.

Looking for a purpose takes longer than actually taking action on that purpose.

What if there is no purpose? What if there is no passion that you absolutely need to find and create a life around?

What if the only purpose we have is to do good? Whatever feels good at this point in our lives.

Do good for the sake of doing good. Not for the sake of making money or fulfilling the purpose or even changing the world. Just do good. Because it feels good to do good. Because doing good is really all that matters. Because while doing good we might stumble across our purpose. And make a difference.

What do you think would be a good thing to do for the world? What feels like a good thing to do?

Instead of asking yourself –“ What is my purpose in life?”, try this – “What can I do good for the world and what can I do well?” Doesn’t it feel like, ummmm… less pressuring and stressful?

Why don’t we forget our purpose in life and just start doing. Good.


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