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sunday reflections to gain clarity

This is day 5 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading!

What I want today.

To keep writing. Because it is turning out to be the best challenge I took on.

To slow down. Because things don’t get done faster or better if I rush. It makes it worse.

To reflect. On what’s working and what’s not. On how much progress I’ve made. On what I want and what I don’t anymore in my life.

To call my mom and tell her how much she means to me. Because it finally hit me that she loved as much as I love my babies now, that she held me tight and calmed me in the middle of the night, that I once meant the world to her just like my babies do now to me.

What I need today.

Declutter some rooms in the house, because my mind can’t function properly if I don’t


Go to Barnes and Nobles and spend some time in their magazine section to get inspired with color and new ideas. Just cause.

What I love today.

Taking naps with my baby. Because today is Sunday and I can.

Feeling inspired and knowing that I am making a progress. In the right direction.

This picture Nicholas made for me some time ago.

What I don’t like today.

Dirty master bathroom that needs to be cleaned. My least favorite room in the house to clean.

That my baby girl has sniffles.

That my baby boy is not here. He is with his dad on Sundays but I am happy he is having fun.


What do you want, need, love and don’t like today?

Stop and ask yourself. Because living consciously starts with asking some questions and listening to the answers. And clarity is really not that hard to reach when you are willing to do it.

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