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The Challenge

I am in the challenge mode lately.

I am happy I am writing. And even when it’s hard, like right now (I wish I could just go to bed), I am excited. I am not going to give up without a fight.

I am all focused on the challenge.  

I might fail, of course. Not likely. But the thing is, I started writing again. And that’s all that matters.

And I had a thought.

What if we could all do things we want but keep procrastinating on, for the sake of a challenge.

Why are we often afraid to take action toward our big dreams?

Failure, of course, is the main reason. We are afraid to fail. And worry about what others will think when they see us fail.

But what if we decided to re-frame. To change our mindset. To redirect our attention. From the goal. To the challenge itself.

Let me challenge myself and start a blog and write every day. Let me see if I can start a business and do what it takes to run it for 60 days. Let me see. Let me experiment.

The result doesn’t matter as much anymore. The failure, of course, is still there. And it might still happen. And of course others might still think you are…well… a failure.

But something changes. The perspective shifts. You focus on the challenge. And kind of forget about the whole failure and what others will think thing.

And, yes, it would still hurt to fail. But, the thing is, when you frame something as a challenge, your mind gets excited. Yes, excited. It likes challenges, believe it or not. So you take action.

Do you hear it? You take action. Finally. The action that you’ve been postponing for so long. The action you kept finding excuses to not take. The action that will take you closer. To where you want to be.

And you are actually all fired up. You are happy you are doing it.

That’s all you need.

That’s the goal, isn’t it? To get yourself to take that action. To take the first steps. To stop excuses. To ignore fears.

So come up with a challenge for yourself. You’ll see how excited you’ll get.  Whatever works, you know. To get going.

And then come up with a new challenge. To keep going. And a new one. Until you get there.  Where you want to be.


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Genia February 26, 2012 at 1:27 am

A challenge itself will not work, I think. You need something extra for motivation.


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