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The key to manifesting your dreams..Forget about them..

We talked about feeling good being in the NOW, being in the present moment. This is very important. Your feelings are your primary guides. Your thoughts, words and actions are important too but it is only the feelings that those thoughts, words and actions evoke that matter. You might be saying and thinking all day long that you are a millionaire but if you feel bad saying it, or feel worry or doubt or anxiety, you will never become a millionaire.

So what I want you to do next is to go through your dreams list and to actually feel what you are feeling.  Sit somewhere in a quiet place and read each dream one at a time and actually feel what it is you are feeling when you are thinking about it. Do you feel absolute pleasure thinking about your dream? If you are, great! Continue thinking about it as much as possible.

Do you feel any resistance? Do you feel any anxiety? Worry or doubt?  Do you start evaluating where you are now and how far away your dream still is from you? If any or all of that is the case then you will have to consider a different tactic. You will have to forget about your dreams for the most part of your day.

Why, you ask? How come you were telling me that focus is the key before and now you are telling me to forget about my dreams? Well, focus IS the key. But, let’s see what you are focusing on. We established earlier that our feelings are our primary guides and sources of communication with the Universe. So when you are thinking about the dream that is not bringing you feelings of pure pleasure, you are focusing on lack. The Universe brings you more lack as a result.

So how to not focus on your dreams all day long but still get what you want? Here is how. Remember, feeling good is more important than feeling good about some particular thing. You can feel good about anything. You have to find some activity or thought that makes you feel good. And try to maintain that thought or do that activity as much as possible throughout the day.

The more you feel good, the more feel good events the Universe will bring you. And since now you already put your order by having your Vision Board and writing your list, the Universe knows what to bring you. I still want you to look at your Vision Board but look at it with detachment; don’t allow any feelings of anxiety or doubt. Read your list, but again with detachment and curiosity. Just pretend that out of pure curiosity you are imagining what it would be like to have all of those things you have on your list and Vision Board. Be detached and curious. Don’t evaluate how far away they are.

During the rest of the day, just forget about it and focus on the thoughts or activities that make you feel really good.

You placed your order and now you are feeling good. The Universe will bring you your order very soon as long as you are not pushing it away from you by having any negative feelings.

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March 6, 2009 at 8:50 pm

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Jono February 10, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Saying your feelings are the only thing that matters is just plain wrong. Feeling bad is no reason to stop thinking about something. Often times, when something makes you feel bad, it’s important to question why to work through the hurt. And feeling is simply impossible to ignore. It doesn’t work that way. For instance, I want to become a boxer. It takes rigorous training that hurts and wears me down and I know that. It worries me some; in fact, some days it downright frustrates me. I get anxious after work when I realize that my workout will take up most of my evening and that I will likely go to bed as soon as I get home. But my rational intelligence informs me that my hard work is the only way I will accomplish my goals, and that at the end of all this pain is the prize I’ve been after. Feelings alone are just useless unless they are informed by intelligence. The trick is to use them in conjunction and find the balance between them, equally valuing both inputs as a source of information and deciding on a course of action rationally. Balance is everything.

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