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The Law of Attraction and Manifestation–How It Actually Works.

law of attraction and manifestationThe Law of Attraction is always at work. No matter what you do, every second of every day the Law of Attraction is working in your life.

Everything you have right now in your life you manifested through your thoughts and feelings. You are not a victim, you are a powerful creator.

That is the first thing you need to realize. Take responsibility for all of the events in your life. Own them, as they were created by you and your incredible power. If you don’t like what you have in your life now, all you have to do is to change it. But you can’t change anything while you stay in the “victim mode”.

Realize right now that you don’t need anything outside of you to change your situation. Everything starts and ends within you. If you were able to manifest what you have now, you are the only one who can change it and manifest something different.

You are a powerful creator, believe in your power and use it from now on to consciously create the life that you desire.


Science behind the Law of Attraction

“Everything that you ever wanted or desired was already given to you. It is already here”.

Science proves it now–there is no desire that a human being can ever have without it already being fulfilled. The fact of you having a desire means that the thing you want is absolutely, with 100% certainty, possible for you to have. You wouldn’t feel the desire in the first place if it was impossible.
You can read more on quantum physics if you want to understand this further, for now, I just want to explain it to you in as easy and as understandable language as I possibly can.  If you ever wanted something, it means you can have it without any shadow of a doubt. Let me explain this further.

 Everything in this world consists of energy. The whole Universe is one big soup of energy. Your body consists of energy; the chair you sit in consists of energy, and light is energy. This energy manifests itself into different forms, but on a basic level everything is energy.

How does the energy manifest itself into different forms? It manifests itself depending on the thoughts and expectations of the observer.

There was an experiment made in quantum physics. Scientists took small particles, called electrons, released them and decided where they would go. They found out that each time those electrons showed up exactly where they expected them to show up. They tried different locations and each time electrons would appear in the location scientists chose them to be observed at or show up at.

What does this all mean? The whole world consists of small particles or electrons, which in turn consist of pure energy. That energy takes the form and the location that the observer chooses it to take.

You are the observer. Whatever you give your energy to with your thoughts and your feelings and whatever you expect will manifest itself in the physical world. Your only job is to direct your energy and expectations so that it transforms into something you want.

Since everything is energy and energy is all there is; it means that everything is already here. That is exactly why I say that just the fact of you having a desire means that this desire can be manifested without any shadow of a doubt.

Since everything is energy, your desire is energy too. So the thing that you want already exists, it just exist in a different energetic form. All you need to do now is to transform it into the form you desire.

By directing your energy the right way you are just aligning yourself with what is already here and bringing it into your reality or transforming it into the form you need it to be. You are doing it all the time anyways; the only thing is that most of the times you are doing it subconsciously. Now you have to change it and start consciously creating the reality you wish to live in.


P.S. In order to make the Law of Attraction work in your life you need to have a system and a step by step plan to follow. Most importantly you have to find an approach that works for you. Download my free 32-page report from this page or from here and learn everything you need to know to manifest all of your dreams.










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Giovani March 19, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Hi, Lana!

Thanks, for sharing your enthusiasm over the Law Of Attraction!

Isn’t it exciting to think that the real law isn’t about eating or being eaten, but to be happy and know what we want?

Keep enjoying life, Lana! The world benefits. :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,

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