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The Power of Empowering Questions

What questions do you ask yourself every day? Are you asking the questions that empower you?

Remember how I was telling you earlier that the best way to do affirmations is to rephrase statements into questions? You mind is a huge question answering machine, it operates on questions and finding answers to those questions. It responds much better to questions than to simple statements.

So what are your questions? Do they empower you or do the opposite?  Do you ask- why am I such a loser or why is success coming to me quickly and easily? Do your questions start with why can’t I or with why can I?

Think about it, start asking yourself empowering questions. Did you come up with your dreams list already?  Now, rephrase your dreams into empowering questions. If your dream is to become financially independent, ask why am I so financially independent? How can I be so financially independent?

The questions you ask yourself show where your focus is. And as you know, what you focus on manifests into your life. So change your questions, change your focus, and change your life.

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