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The three step process to manifest your dreams-are you truly open to receive?

There is a three-step process of making your dreams come true– the one explained in The Secret. Ask, Answer, and Receive.

First, you have to ask. How do you ask? You ask by visualizing your dreams, staying focused on them, and giving them your attention and faith. All of that is asking. Do it consistently, do it regularly. Have faith.  Don’t worry or doubt and you will hear the answer.

Answer is the second step. The Universe starts answering by sending you serendipities, events, and people that will either show you that your dream is on its way or bring you what you want.

The last step is to receive. That is where most people are having problems. Let’s talk about receiving. This is very important.

You have to show the Universe that you are open to receive. How do you show it?  By eliminating all your worry, anxiety and hurry. You simply sit back and relax, knowing for sure that what you want is on its way to you. When you do that you demonstrate openness.

And last, but the most crucial step of the whole process, and of the receiving, is taking inspired action. But you have to understand– you take action not to get what you want, but to receive what you want, what you asked for. Do you see the difference? Action is actually a part of the receiving. You act and by acting you receive what was already sent to you.

So ask, see the answers and act to receive. Don’t forget to take inspired action. Only by taking action will you be able to receive what was sent to you. Always strive for taking action. But don’t take it with worry and anxiety. Take it with faith since now you know, you are not acting to get, you are acting to receive. Everything is already here, you just have to go and receive it.

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