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This Changes Everything

I have days when I am happy to wake up several time at night  when the baby needs me. Actually happy.

I have days when I dance with my 5 year old and when he goes to sleep and calls me from his room for the 5th time to straighten his blanket just the way his likes it, I eagerly agree and give him a kiss and look into his beautiful eyes , instead of being annoyed and saying – You need to sleep, it’s late.

I have days when I am productive and inspired to do the most mundane tasks.

I have days when I am  fully present with my kids. And my husband. When I smile more.  When I am more creative. Give more hugs and kisses. Have more patience.

I have days when I feel excited. Passionate. Present. Alive.

Those are the days when I actively do My Thing. When I brainstorm with people and help them with clarity – either during my one-on-one sessions or for free. When I write. When I plan my next project.

When I dream and believe, really believe in my dream of making this little website a big movement with people all over the world who dare to do what scares them. What inspires them. What makes them feel alive.

Because they know.

They know that it changes everything.

Do what makes you feel alive not because of money. Not to quit your job. Not to fulfill your purpose. Or find that purpose. Not because it’s cool. Or because you want to live on your own terms.

All of that stuff is great. And hopefully it will come. It might take some time for it to come.

But if you drop your expectations and just do what makes you feel alive, you will be transformed. And every area of your life will be transformed.

You’ll love more. Laugh more. Appreciate more. Share more. Forgive more.

You will be at peace much more often than worried and stressed. You’ll be kind and patient and loving with your kids. You’ll want to be more romantic with your spouse. You’ll enjoy life more. You’ll be more productive . You’ll see more  opportunities around you. I bet you’ll be more motivated to exercise and eat healthy. Just because.

And that special vibe that will be coming from you? Oh, don’t underestimate the vibe! That vibe is magic. It will touch and transform everything on your path.

So give yourself and people around you this gift.

Do what makes you feel alive.

Because it changes everything.


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April 23, 2012 at 1:38 pm

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Rosa May 20, 2012 at 4:50 pm

fantastic!i\’ve been trying to do this aewlsl particularly working out immediate, mid-term and long-term goals, and trying to pin them down (make sure they\’re SMART and not just vague ideas!)i love to plan, so i love this sort of task.have you ever tried completing a vision board? christine kane writes a bit about it, it\’s a bit woo-woo but i love it as a focus, as a prayer tool it can be great to make your goals visual and visible.i\’m so glad you feel like you\’re on track and getting somewhere, especially with all the changes your facing with new jobs etc!


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