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Day 11. What Do I Want Clarifi-Question Saturday

This is day 11 of my 30-day writing challenge. I write every day to gain clarity. To rediscover my voice. To inspire. And bring value. I don’t edit so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading.

I want to make it an every Saturday thing. I ask myself a famous what do I want today question. I’ll answer the question and add my notes.

Simple question, but how often do we actually sit down and think about it? And I am not talking about global what I want out of my life kinda inquiry. No. Just what do I want today. Right now.

When you clarify the little stuff, the global stuff starts getting clearer too. And life starts moving. In the right direction.

What I want:

To not have to cook for the next two days and for healthy meals to appear magically on our table. Probably not gonna happen but we can go out. And smoothies I’ve been making lately are awesome. They have everything we need nutritionally and calorie-wise.  No need to cook. (I’ll write about that in more detail later)Plus my man can make us something when he is inspired. And hungry.

To continue decluttering the some rooms around here. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I really want to never ever buy another new thing without first getting rid of 3 old things. Or 5. Let’s settle for 5. I’ll make it a rule for our household.

I want to continue the baby steps. I am actually enjoying them now. It takes practice. I need to be mindful and not fall into the old – I feel an urge to get it all done overnight so I am going to stress out and stay up late and expect fast results – pattern.

A getaway. A cabin in the mountains. Just us and nature.

To continue meditating every day. I am on day 10 in a row now. 15 minutes. Just sitting still in my living room. With candles. Or without. It works. No need to make it complicated.

Really plan my next week. Goals, dinners and lunches, things we’ll do with Nicholas after school, writing and business stuff, errands, emails – everything. In detail.  The go with the flow thing is nice but I feel I need some detailed planning at this point.

Organize another local meetup.  I have to meditate on it first. Gain clarity on why exactly I want it and what I expect to get from it. Proceed with caution.

Write in kids’ journal.

What do you want today? Asking is free. Try it.

We had a lazy day today. We didn’t go anywhere. Not even the park which is very unusual for our Saturday.

We had a family meeting in the morning.

Nicholas was on a roll. We talked about what is working. And what is not. And how we can fix it. Nicholas came up with quite a few “rules”. Like “Mommy needs to be more patient.” And We can’t put huge pieces of food in the mouth when we are eating.”

Family meeting is a new tradition we have around here. More about it later.

We painted a cardboard house in the backyard, Nicholas’s late birthday gift from his friend. Thank you Maxim and Irina. We loved it.

I told Nicholas about vitamin G (the one you get from the ground. no, I am not making it up.) and we ran around the backyard barefoot.

And then we talked about hobbit houses and how cool it would be if we had one. And Nicholas decided to build his own from branches. To practice.Before building the real thing, you know.

And baby was just happy playing with some sticks and observing. (Those were little and soft sticks, don’t you worry)

We played Go fish.

And did this with chalk.

We also watched cartoons and mommy took a nap with the baby.

It was a good and lazy Saturday. Note to self: we need to do that more often.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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