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Day 3 of the 30- Day Writing Challenge: What truly matters or do you really think you’ll live forever?

I want to continue the “what truly matters” trail of thought from yesterday’s post. Cause I liked it. And because I was thinking about it a lot lately.

Why do we live like we are going to live forever? Like we’ll never die? Like we have so much time left? Like what others think about us is going to make any difference at the end of our lives. Like how much money we made or how much stuff we owned is what will make us feel like we truly lived when we look back from our deathbed.

Why do we not do what truly matters? Focus on what truly matters. Live what truly matters. Automatically. Everyday. Every minute. Without even thinking about it.

Why is it not our default way of living in this world? Why do we need to get all enlightened and evolved to actually start doing it?

Why can’t we just get it? That life is short and time is precious and should be spent on what truly matters only. Or at least significantly.  Why do we know it, but don’t really know it?

I wish someone could write a book that everyone would read and it would just click. And everyone would just be and do what truly matters. No need to meditate in the woods for years or read hundreds of self-help books. We would just read that one book and get it. Like Click and that’s what I am now. That’s how I live in this world now. I know what truly matters and I am doing it. I am living it. Without excuses. Without deviations. That’s my autopilot way of living from now on.

I would love to have that book. So I can read it and wake up the next morning with all of my fears being gone. With perfect clarity. And perfect determination to live my life with “what truly matters” in mind every second of every day.

But I guess until someone writes that book I’ll have to do it the hard way. The little steps way. The getting clearer and more conscious one day at a time way. The one step forward and two steps back way.  I am not a big fan of this way. It is a hard way. It is a not so fun way. Or maybe it is too much fun. Depends on how you look at it.

So here is my little step forward that I made in the beginning of the year: (Step forward toward a more conscious way of living that is).

Along with my yearly goals and resolutions I came up with a bunch of keywords. The keywords  that will help me do more of what truly matters. The keywords that will guide my year and help me stay more focused on you know what. What truly matters, of course.  I am going to count how many times I used this phrase in this blog post.

I wrote the list of keywords in January and revised it again in February. Couple keywords had to go actually and some new ones were put instead of them. I gained more clarity.  Cause we are doing it the little steps, learn the lesson-adjust the course way.

Here is the list. I put it in front of my yearly goals. This way the goals had to resonate with the keywords.

Creativity (myself and kids). What I meant is I would like to do more creative stuff myself and with the kids. Because that’s what matters to me. I want to live my life creatively. As a result we have lots of crafty projects going on in the house. I am writing again. I do art projects with Nicholas. Well, baby doesn’t care about my creativity that much at this point, but we do dance and sing sometimes.

Let go. I have a lot to let go of. But what I mostly meant was I’d like to let go of my desire to get certain results from my actions. I’d like to do my best, follow my inspiration and then let go. Why? Because when you are too attached to the result, fears tend to creep in. What if it won’t work? What if I fail? And then you don’t take any action. No expectations = more action sometimes. For me at least. And action is what truly matters.

Show up. This should probably go before the let go one. Show up. Do what truly matters and let go.

Follow the inspiration. Pretty self-explanatory

Challenge yourself. That’s what I am doing now – writing for 30 days in a row. I’ll come up with more challenges too. We grow with challenges. We evolve with challenges. I’d love to get some other results from my challenge. Like get more readers to this blog. Or at least as much as I used to have before I went on a long haitus. But really, I try to focus on the challenge itself only.

Celebrate the family. My husband says I am good at it. I want to get better. I want to have more traditions. And more thoughtful celebrations. And more picnics in the hallway. And movie nights with candles. Cause that’s what I will remember at the end.

Conscious parent. I really need to get it this year. They are growing too fast. I want to be fully present. Always. I want to stop correcting and start teaching. And make them feel always loved.  And have lots of fun with my babies. And savor every moment. This is what Truly matters. This is what matters the most.

Those are my keywords.  Like I said I’ll keep revising this list. It’s a process. Staying conscious about what truly matters takes practice and lots of little steps. It’s worth it though. Because we won’t live forever. And you better start now.

Maybe you can do your keywords too. Or something. Anything. To help you with what truly matters.


I am on a challenge to write every day for 30 days. To rediscover my voice. To gain clarity. To tap into what inspires me. I don’t edit and English is my second language, so pardon my mistakes. Thanks for reading.


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Genia February 10, 2012 at 6:42 pm

I like your idea with key words:-)
Also try to find the core values from “Delivering Happiness” book. It’s very powerful exercise, I sent it to you couple weeks ago.


Lana Kravtsova February 11, 2012 at 7:18 am

I never saw that email, I’ll check.


Alexander February 11, 2012 at 7:30 am

I want to stop correcting and start teaching.

About this topic I loved Leo’s post about effortless parenting, in which he says to teach kids to solve problems and (something he hasn’t written, but is the leitmotiv of his post) to be a model for our kids, because they don’t care what we say, but who we are and what we do: kids always model their parents.

And make them feel always loved.

I guess that if we spend quality time (not necessarly quantity) with them, beeing really passionate about anything we spend to do with them and giving them attention, then i think our kids feel loved.

Great posts Lana, please keep them coming. 🙂

Thanks & ciao


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