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What would you do for free?

I love doing 1-1 sessions with people. I really do. You know the infamous question, the first one you should ask yourself when trying to find your passion – What would you do for free? –  I would do my one on one sessions for free. I swear I would. In fact in certain circumstances I would pay to do them.

I love the brainstorming process. I love how the chaos of thoughts and ideas gets organized into one harmonious and clear picture. I love the opportunity to dream big. Also, of course, since those are not my dreams, I have zero fear, attachment, resistance involved. That’s the best part. So I can dream big…like really big. My clients usually get uncomfortable. But that’s why you get coach. So that she or he can look at your vision through clear lens.

So I am rewriting my coaching page. I’ll make some changes to the way I do my 1-1 session, but I do want to keep them. For now anyway.

The point of this post?

If you are still trying to figure out your thing, ask yourself now – What would you do for free? What are you doing for free already? What would you pay to be able to do? How can you turn that into something that will pay you?

You might have one thing or several things. Choose the one to start with and start already.



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