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You Are The One

And only…

Billions of people on this planet, billions of stars in our universe and more in other universes, billions of grains of sand. But no one and nothing is exactly like you.

If we invent a time machine and go all the way to the past and back to the future, we still won’t find another you. You are the only one.  Ever.

You are the only one experiencing exactly what you do. You are the only one feeling exactly what you do. You are the only one thinking exactly what you do. You are the only one looking at this beautiful world exactly the way you do.

You are the only one who can change this world the way you can. If you don’t, no one will.

It’s scary to be the only one. Uniqueness carries with it huge responsibility. And power. To be you.

What do you do with this power? What do you do with your uniqueness?

If nothing else, at least stop for minute and appreciate it. With every fiber of your being. Love it. Love You. The one and only. You.

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