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Your biggest enemy in manifesting your desires and how to get rid of it.

Do you know what the biggest enemy is that is standing in the way of your success? The one that is holding your greatness hostage and stops you from reaching your desires?

You probably guessed already-it is fear. Fear is your biggest enemy. Let’s look how you can get rid of it and how you can prevent it from affecting you manifesting your desires.

First of all try to understand that Fear in and of itself is not a bad thing. It is simply telling you: “I think you are not ready, not prepared for what you desire.” It is only when you start thinking about that fear and internalizing it that you transform it into worry. Worry will impress your subconscious mind and it will bring you more of that worry and finally stop you from pursuing your dream.

So how do you deal with that? First of all you should not let fear to be transformed into worry.

Once you feel yourself fearing something use this simple technique. Ask yourself : “Will you allow yourself to let this fear go? Will you? When?” Listen to your answers. Even if you hear “no” you are still releasing that fear. Continue asking until you feel your fear reduce.

Also start acting on your fear. Remember the message that it sends you? It is simply telling you that you are not prepared. So you need to start doing something to get prepared. It will tell your subconscious mind: “Here I am preparing and getting ready, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Doing that will help you to not let your fear digress into worry and will prevent you from internalizing it. That is all you need to not let fear stand in the way of your dreams.


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